You need to pick an aesthetic treatment that addresses all of your problems. Most approaches just address several of your troubles as well as not all of them. Below is what each treatment supplies.

  • Botox: Botox works as a muscle relaxer. Thus, you can utilize Botox to smooth muscles such as fret lines, frown lines, as well as pursed-lip wrinkles. Botox does not restore volume to the face, neither does it raise drooping skin. When incorporated with thermal fillers, Botox can repair a few of your aging concerns.
  • Fillers: Filler therapy is a dermal injectable. The shot contains hyaluronic acid, calcium, or collagen. The injection gets rid of raises scars, wrinkles, as well as boosts lips. Facial fillers vary from temporary treatments to lasting options.
  • Facelifts: A Facelift Botox [โบ ท็ อก ลิ ฟ กรอบ หน้า, which is the term in Thai], on the other hand, can attend to all your fears at once. It eliminates drooping skin and loosens up facial muscles. If you want to get rid of your drooping muscles as well as wrinkles, a facelift is better.


The recovery time for each and every treatment differs, as well as can consequently influence your selection.

  • Given that Botox is non-surgical, numerous customers have a tendency to favor it. Botox fasts and pain-free. Hence, you can go back to your everyday tasks promptly after the treatment. Clients with fewer aging problems take advantage of faster healing times.
  • Once a filler is injected, the recuperation time ranges for the patient as well as the type of filler used. Primarily, you can resume your day-to-day tasks promptly. However, medical professionals recommend that you refrain from any exercise after the session for 24 to 48 hours.
  • A renovation is an intrusive procedure. The healing time can range from a couple of weeks to a few months. This healing time is essential for the swelling, as well as scarring to lessen. Facelifts need intimidating dedication. If your doctor recommends renovations over Botox, do not be afraid of the recuperation time. For better results, you can ask your specialist to take into consideration integrating Botox as well as facial fillers.

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