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For online bettors, there is a very easy way to quickly increase your bankroll and most of the time without risk. This method consists in taking advantage of bookmakers’ welcome bonuses, which are often very advantageous.

There are two types of welcome bonuses: the first bet refunded if the loser and the free bet on registration. The bonus type “first bet paid off” is very interesting, especially as some bookmakers like Sports betting or Belgic you refund in CASH and without conditions of withdrawal.

Free bet at registration allows you to have a bonus that your first bet is losing or winning. You’ll find this type of bonus on bookmakers like Sports betting site and Zebet. With the 토토 you can have the best deal now.

Take the best odds

The majority of bettors do not understand the concept of value in sports betting. They do not pay real attention to odds. However, sometimes the odds of bookmakers are relatively close but very often, there are significant disparities that can range from 5% to 20%.

In the long run, this is important when one takes stock of one’s predictions. Thus, if you do not enjoy the best odds for your bets, you lose between € 100 and € 200 every 1000 € of bets! Registering on several bookmakers is the best solution to avoid losing money “stupidly”.

Basketball is a sport that is dreaming across the Atlantic side of the United States where it is highly publicized. In France and Europa, there is still a long way to go to catch up with football, the most popular sport. As far as sports betting are concerned, basketball ranks third among the most well-connected sports, thanks in particular to the NBA (basketball competition in the United States). On the other hand, bet on basketball is not easy, that’s why we will give you some tips and tricks. In the middle of the article, also discover an infographic of the 5 essential points to analyze to bet on a basketball game.

Bet well on basketball

What to know before betting on basketball

Just like when you decide to, basketball has some small specificity to take into account. Basketball is a tough sport to bet. On the one hand, it is less publicized, so we have less information about the matches. And on the other hand, we must learn before betting on basketball because some information will be of paramount importance.

In the same way as for other sports, it is better to take an interest in basketball before placing bets. Following basketball news or watching a few games are two things that will help you make better choices.

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