The amazing wonder of penis sleeves

For man, a significant fraction of your self-confidence comes from the absurdness that you can satisfy your woman on the bed.

However, your sexual satisfaction or expertise is in most cases determined by the activeness of your penis. An active penis could be the difference between exhilarating sex life and a miserable one.

Many sexual implements strewn across the market today, promising you spectacular and almost supernatural penis enhancement come with dangerous side effects.

Here comes in the sleeve marvel

Penis sleeves are fast becoming some of the safest and most effective sex enhancements for men. For whose relative inactivity of their penis has denied them their epic dream of giving their partners a mind blowing climax, these sleeves can just be the missing piece. No more of your partner yawning on the bed with you!

These sleeves are basically cylindrical with a peculiar design to grip your penis fittingly. These penis sheaths come in various girths, sizes, and shapes. Commonly, these sleeves are made from silicone or rubber. There are also sheaths made of plastic.  

The main inspiration behind the design is for the sleeve to fully sheath the shaft of your penis (improving its strength and girth) while giving your partner maximal stimulation. Sleeves come with covering shells which can be lumped or smooth to drive your partner wilder in sexual merriment. Make sure to consult your partner on which texture of the sleeve she feels comfortable with.

In most cases, these sheaths self-attach to the member. In this scenario, the sleeve has a very firm opening for penis insertion. The firm grip of the sheath is to prevent situations where your penis slips off during intercourse. Some sheaths are designed with straps which you can attach to your testicles. This is aimed at enhancing turgidity and sustainability during sex.  

Now confidently go do your thing

Now fully equipped with your penis sleeve, you have the luxury of a longer penis with more rigid girth. With a longer and solid erection, your penis brims confidence and audacity ready to transport your partner to an erotic paradise on earth.

Varying with the design, the sleeve could add multiples inches (in length) or just a few fractions of an inch to the shaft of your penis.

When the stimulating friction from the thrusting vagina combines with the friction of the sleeve, the sensation can be spectacular for the man as well as the woman. So there you are; the days of premature ejaculations are over. You can now stop your large scale production of excuses not to jump on bed with your partner.

Katzstores has an incredible array of top performing sleeves all guaranteeing you of fulfilling your weirdest sexual fantasy. These sheaths are designed with just your penis in mind – giving it the befitting grandeur it deserves. We know how much it hurts being only able to give your partner JUST one G-spot orgasm per summer. With these sleeves, you can blow her brains just any night.

Now watch how she stares at you like a god in the morning!

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