Online eCommerce Payment Methods Worth Checking Out

Making it quick and easy for customers to pay is important for any eCommerce website. Being able to service both domestic and international customers has also become essential for many businesses. There is a number of online payment systems and payment gateways out there that make it possible to quickly process payments in multiple currencies. Also, often eCommerce websites offer several payment methods their customers can choose from.

In this article we take a look at 10 most popular online payment methods that are widely discussed in retail news. One of their advantages is that they are accessible to users in most countries worldwide. 


People from all over the world have accounts on Amazon, and they find it convenient to use Amazon Pay. This online payment system offers fraud protection for users who make payments  using their cell phones. Amazon Pay accounts are easy to set up, and Express Integration feature is available. 


PayPal is one of the most widely-used online payment systems. More than 254 million users utilize PayPal to send money and make online purchases. Businesses round the globe accept Paypal payments, which make it a convenient payment method for buyers.

Apple Pay

Users of Apple devices can look no further than Apple Pay to make their online payments. Apple Pay is secure, it keeps customers’ information safe and communicates efficiently with banks. Apple Pay interface is quite smooth and well-designed, and if you use it once, you may never want to use anyting else again. 

American Express

People using American Express as their online transaction method find it quite satisfying. American Express offers fraud protection, has certain amount of flexibility, and 24-hour customer support. Once of the biggest advantages is that American Express lets you receive payments in 10+ currencies. 

Visa Checkout

This payment method is similar to American Express, and more than 42 million people all over the world choose to use it. 


This payment method is similar to that of Visa and American Express. It offers advanced security, fraud monitoring, tokenization, user verification, and issuer authentication. 


Stripe is another popular online payment getaway with rich features. It can accept payments in different currencies  from a number of sources, such as digital wallets, credit cards, ACH transfers. 


Although Square is mostly known for its point of the sale process, it can also facilitate eCommerce payments. Square can help accept payments made through bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and a number of other popular methods. 


2Checkout is one of online payment processors. Its customized interface provices convenient user experience. Also it offers flexibility, fraud protection, and helps you accept credit cars, PayPal, and debit cards. 

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of Amazon Pay and PayPal’s competitors. Ever since its launch, it offers robust features, intuitive interface, as well as loyalty programs.  Google Pay has become a savior for many online users. 

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