Nothing can go wrong with The Singleton

Best Single Malt

Nothing can go wrong with The Singleton because of its smoothness and rich, smooth taste of fruit, cask, and nut. This is one of the most modern and well crafter drink single malts that the scotch drinker enjoys giving a laid-back feeling after a long day. One can drink it in their way like neat, strong, on the rock, or maybe mixed with some mixers. This Scottish single malt is so versatile that it can be mixed with a soft drink, sparkling water, or juice, and the drinker will love it. It is traditional yet modern. If you are searching for the right whisky, then here it goes!

Scottish by birth

Let us not confuse Singleton with other single malts. Singleton from each of the three breweries is class by themselves. It was first out by Glen Ord with its green grassy flavor from Black Isle. Then the appearance of Singleton was from the house of Glendullan and Dufftown. The production of this single from these three distilleries catered to almost all the world. Glen Ord for Asia, Glendullan for US and Canada, and Dufftown catered only to Europe. The flavors of each of them varied to keep a mark for each of themselves. The taste of Glendullan is fruity and grassy, and Dufftown is nutty and spicy. It is regarded as the first-class single malt brand in the whole world. 

Good for cocktails?

Singleton can be taken in any form. One can drink neat, strong, or mixed with the choice of soft drinks. The single malt from Scottish Dufftown, Glendullan, and Glen Ord can change the old concept of scotch whiskey because it can be taken with juice and sparkling water. It is a very laid-back drink, and a glass of strong Singleton on the rocks will take away days-long stress in no time. Keep your single malt bottle from Dufftown ready for the coming cocktail party. It will rock your guests, and they will look forward to the next. 

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