Master the rules of 8 ball pool here to ace all games like a pro player

There are so many different ways to play 8-ball pool that it’s difficult to know which set of rules of 8 ball pool to follow. You’ve probably been in the middle of a game with someone when a certain rule causes a pause and sparks a debate. The rules you’re familiar with aren’t the same as the rules your opponent follows. When you can’t agree on anything, the best thing you can do is look up the rules of 8 ball pool: the simple version. GetMega is a gaming app where you can play as many fantasy games and earn real cash.

You may have heard of ‘bar rules,’ which most people agree on, but even these rules vary by region. Fortunately, we’ve established simple 8 ball rules that everyone can follow.

The Eighth Ball

The 8 ball should always be placed in the centre of the rack, two rows from the top and bottom of the triangle. This is widely accepted in the pool industry.

Stripes and solids

Except for the two corner balls at the bottom of the triangle, the rest of the triangle rack should be random. One of the corner balls should be solid, while the other should be striped. The number one ball should be positioned at the top of the triangle because it is the essential part of the rules of 8 ball pool. The apex ball (Number 1 Ball) at the table’s foot should be aligned with the break formation (usually a little round marker at one end of the table). Read GetMega’s blogs to get further information.

Cueball Positioning To Break

The water polo may be placed anywhere behind the headline as indicated by the line drawn between the second marks at the end of the table. On most recreational tables, this line is fictitious, but it is easily discernible by looking at the diamonds or markings along the table’s sides. The area behind the head string is also referred to as “the kitchen” at times. 

The Breaking Rules

As also mentioned in GetMega, a coin toss or the previous game win or loss determines the break in the 8-ball pool. As per the rules of 8 ball pool, the ball can be placed anywhere behind the table’s head string by the breaker. The cue ball does not have to strike any specific object ball first. However, if the player does not pocket the ball,  at least 4 balls must hit the pillow. It is an illegal break if the breaker does not pocket a ball and fails to drive at least four balls to one or more rails.

Some stranger, lesser-known rules

If you take a shot that intentionally misses one of your coloured balls. You are out of the game. Seriously. As a result, don’t do it. It’s also a foul if you pot both colours from the break and fail to declare your colour out loud when you take your shot. The English 8-Ball also prohibits jump draws in which the ball is sent upwards to leave the table before it hits.

Fouls for Ball in Hand

According to GetMega, some of the rules of 8 ball pool state that any foul should result in the opposing player’s free placement of the cue ball anywhere on the table. Other schools of thought contend that any foul allows the opposing player to place the cue ball anywhere behind the head string or ‘in the kitchen.’ Which way you play should be determined by your skill level. 


You’ve won if you nail your coloured balls and send that blackball down. However, you can also win by default. If a player pots the black or sends it off the table, the game is over. The same is true if there is a foul on the black. Even after it’s been potting.

It doesn’t really matter if you follow the above or another set of the rules of 8 ball pool that is more comfortable for you and your mates. The pool is intended to be a fun, relaxing game that can be played with friends or against complete strangers. Getting bogged down by the various rules can turn a fun game into a headache. Register now on your favourite site, the GetMega gaming platform and start playing 8 ball pool today.

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