Importance Of Using Safety Footwear

Safety Footwear is one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which aims to ensure the safety of workers’ feet. All professionals exposed to the risk of falling from large objects must use this equipment. The use of Safety Footwear in risk areas is essential to avoid different types of accidents. However, the company provides the PPE on several occasions, but it is misused.

It is up to the employee to take care of their equipment and use it correctly. Another point worth mentioning is that they need to be stored in cool and airy places. As we all know, feet are very important for professionals because all body movements come from them, so their protection is of paramount importance for workers to perform their daily tasks efficiently.

Safety Footwear Sanitation

 The ways to sanitize the Safety Shoes as seen in sites like  vary according to each material. Those made of leather should not be washed daily to avoid product wear. Ideally, cleaning should be carried out with a damp cloth. PVC and microfiber shoes can usually be cleaned. It is essential to let it be completely dry to be used again.

Why Sanitize Safety Footwear?

 Like any other PPE, cleaning is essential. However, as shoes are equipment that can generate fungi and bacteria, it is necessary always to be clean to avoid losing the equipment. Another important factor is the use of socks with the equipment. They help to absorb perspiration and are also essential to prevent possible contamination. Using the equipment without socks is also possible but not recommended.

What Should The Equipment Protect?

  • Against falling materials on feet
  • Against burns caused by chemical products
  • Against accidents caused by nails, wires, or broken glass
  • Against electrical discharges
  • Against the chance of falling on wet ground

Finally, the use of Safety Footwear is essential to ensure that workers perform their daily tasks accurately. The physical integrity of the professional is of great value to companies. When there is an accident at work with the workers, the company must provide all the necessary support for the worker’s recovery.

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