Lesser-Known Benefits of Choosing Laminates Over Other Orthodontics

What are laminates that make them so unique and popular among many people? Many people in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, ask this question, especially those considering getting their teeth fixed. The good thing about laminates is that they work with your natural tooth structure to give you a beautiful smile that you have always wanted. Here are the benefits of choosing Whitehall laminates over other orthodontics.

Cover the Teeth With Deep Staining

If your teeth have deep staining, then laminates are the best option. This is because they can cover the teeth with a thin layer of material resistant to staining. You will no longer have to worry about your stained teeth.

However, you need to avoid practices that can discolor teeth, especially on the uncovered parts. It includes eating and drinking foods and drinks that are known to stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and dark-colored sodas. At the same time, avoid smoking as tobacco can discolor teeth over time.

Lengthen the Teeth

Another great benefit of choosing laminates over other orthodontics is that they can lengthen the teeth. They are fragile materials and can be well-bonded to the teeth. It will give the illusion of longer teeth, making your smile more attractive.

Create a Better Bite

If you have an uneven bite, you may want to consider getting laminates. This is because they can create a better bite by realigning the teeth. It helps you have a more symmetrical smile, making you look more attractive.

It Improves Speech

If you have problems with your speech, you may want to consider getting laminates. They can help improve your speech by correcting how the teeth meet. It will allow you to produce more precise sounds, making your speech more intelligible.

Improve the Appearance of Gaps

If you have gaps in your teeth, then laminates can help to improve the appearance of these gaps. It is because they can fill in the gaps with a material that is the same color as your teeth. This will help to make your smile look more uniform and attractive.

Gaps can form for several reasons. Often, they are the result of genetics or poor dental hygiene habits. In some cases, gapping may be due to an injury or infection. Gaps between teeth can range from very small to large enough to fit a fingertip.

Protect the Teeth From Damage

Another great benefit of choosing laminates over other orthodontics is that they can protect the teeth from damage. This is because they are made of solid material and can resist the force of chewing. 

It helps to keep your teeth looking their best for longer. You also need to wear mouth guards when engaging in physical sports, which can help protect your teeth from damage.

Laminates offer many benefits that other orthodontics cannot provide. They can cover the teeth with deep staining, lengthen them, create a better bite, improve speech, and fill gaps. They can also protect the teeth from damage. If you consider getting your teeth fixed, then laminates may be the best option.

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