Kent auto accident: Reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer

Life on the road is always unpredictable. If you end up in an auto accident because of someone’s recklessness or fault, you should have legal representation. As Washington is a tort state, the at-fault side is responsible for your injuries and financial losses. You can ask for a settlement that would cover your medical bills, income & other losses. So, when do you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Kent after an on-road mishap? We have enlisted a few key reasons below. 

When you have suffered life-threatening injuries

It is not unusual for people to suffer catastrophic injuries in a car accident. The eventual settlement for these cases tends to be high, and insurance companies would try ways to evade liability. One of the first steps is to determine what your case is worth, for which you need an injury lawyer. Just make sure that you hire the right attorney – someone who specializes in personal injury law and has handled a considerable number of auto accident claims and lawsuits.

When you are at fault

Thanks to the claimant-friendly laws in Washington, you can ask for a settlement even if you are at a higher fault than the party you are suing. However, your fault will determine what you get after you win a settlement. In the real world, the insurance company and the other at-fault party would do anything possible to deny your case. You need an injury lawyer to defend you. Besides determining what you should get in a settlement, your lawyer can consider filing a lawsuit in the civil court system. 

When you have no experience with insurance adjusters

People often make the mistake of believing that insurance adjusters are nice, friendly professionals who are trying to help. This, of course, is a myth. Insurance companies are infamous for the tactics that they use to trick people. The insurance adjuster may use ways like – 

  1. Discourage you from hiring a lawyer
  2. Pressure you into accepting the settlement
  3. Deny your claim or misrepresent facts
  4. Convince you that you don’t need further medical care
  5. Pass the blame on you
  6. Get you to say something wrong

Unless you have an attorney on your side, don’t discuss anything with the insurance company. 

A good lawyer is your best source of information and help. Don’t trust anyone other than your attorney for discussing facts and details of your accident claim, and ask relevant questions before initiating the claim. 

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