Got arrested in Rochester, New York? Know your rights!

Nothing is worse than facing a criminal charge. Regardless of whether you have committed the act or not, you deserve to defend yourself. Unfortunately, the police may not act all fairly. You could be tricked into saying things that you don’t mean, and anything you say on record could go against you. It is important to hire a Rochester criminal attorney for the case without delay so that you can start working on your defense. Here is an overview of your rights after you are arrested. 

The right to know your rights

Immediately after your arrest, you should be informed of the rights you have. The law enforcement officers are expected to inform you of your Miranda Rights, including the right to remain silent and have a lawyer. If you don’t have the money to pay an attorney, someone should be appointed for your case. Even if you are in custody for a short time, the police should inform you of these rights. 

The right to remain silent

As we mentioned, anything that you mention to the police could go against you, and it is absolutely important that you know your right to remain silent. You don’t have to say anything to the police until you talk to an attorney. 

The right to have an attorney

You should have a lawyer who can represent and defend you in the case, and that’s the right to have an attorney. Also, the police cannot keep on pestering you to say anything until you have a lawyer unless you have waived your rights. If you didn’t get an attorney (if you cannot pay for one) and have exercised your right to remain silent, the evidence or statement given to the police would not be considered evidence. 

The right to a speedy, public trial

This right is granted to you by the Sixth Amendment. You have the right to get a speedy and public trial. The context matters with regards to a speedy trial, and circumstances can be different in each case, but the police cannot detain you without a trial for an indefinite time. 

Call a lawyer

You need an attorney who specializes in criminal law and offers the help & support you need to come up with a legal strategy. It is best to make your own choice because the lawyer that would be appointed for you wouldn’t have as much expertise and experience. Talk to an attorney today to know more.

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