How to take Care of Your Stone Garden Ornaments

Animal garden ornaments, birdbaths, and garden water features are gorgeous and pleasant enhancements to the environment, but they, like the plant, require upkeep. Stone lawn ornaments give eye-catching highlights to any lawn or garden, thanks to their unique patterns and longevity. Stone garden ornaments, whether simplistic or ornate, require regular cleaning for conservation and aesthetics. Organic growth and filth form on stone structures, which can penetrate and discolor the statues throughout time.

Washing stone sculptures on a normal basis reduces surface accumulation and preserves their natural shine. Cleaning processes are the same for all varieties of stone statues, especially marble and limestone. What is the best way to clean a garden ornament? Maintaining garden statues involves only common household items, some elbow grease, and some other things more. Start by rinsing the sculptures in the garden with simple water from the tap and a soft hose spray. Continue reading to learn how to clean garden statues.

What to things to use?

Chlorine tabs easily take care of wiping down items like fountains, but washing garden sculptures will take a little more effort. To begin with, when cleaning yard ornaments, there is no need to invest in expensive chemicals. In your cleaning closet, you will discover everything you require.

All you will need is a few droplets of liquid dish soap combined with water when the statue is constructed from concrete, woods, or limestone. Make sure the soap is harmless so your plants don’t die. Some websites propose washing outdoor statues using vinegar and water, however, acidic vinegar can damage some substances, such as marble, so it’s better off sticking with water and soap. When scrubbing statues in the yard, resist using chemical cleaners because they might harm or kill nearby plants, as well as discolor the sculpture.

Steps to clean your stone garden ornaments

  1. Start by washing the stone ornaments with the least destructive substance, water. Fill a pump hose halfway with fresh water and thoroughly spray the sculpture. Saturate the sculpture with water completely.
  2. To remove filth and organic build-up, rub the soaked sculpture with a gentle, clean brush. Clean the sculpture in circular movements with the brush to bring it back to life.
  3. To avoid staining, quickly wash the sculpture with clean water. Using a yard hose, gently shower the statue.
  4. Use a neutral pH soap mixture to wash the stone sculpture. 2 tablespoons neutral pH soap per gallon of water, properly combined in a container
  5. Fill the pump hose with the neutral pH soap solution after rinsing it out. The solution should be sprayed onto the stone sculpture.
  6. Using the brush, clean the sculpture as before. Remove any remaining filth residue from the stone. Concentrate on the finer details of the sculpture, where filth gathers.
  7. Using freshwater, lightly mist the complete sculpture. To prevent stains, properly cleanse the soap solution.
  8. Allow for complete air drying of the stone sculpture.

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