9 Things To Remember When Designing and Building A Community Playground

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Creating a playground with playground equipment New Jersey for everyone to enjoy is an exciting feat, but there is a challenge. Accidents can happen in playgrounds, so designing one that is both fun and safe is a must. So, how do you balance that? Here are nine must-know things you need to remember when you design and build a community playground.

1. Choose the Right Size

There is no exact size that will fit all kinds of kids. Instead, you need to decide what kind of playground size you would need based on how many kids would use the playground. For instance, a playground for about 10 children would be much smaller than a school playground.

Typically, there should be around 75 square feet for each child. Moreover, place some room between the equipment to avoid overcrowding.

2. Consider Your Budget

Of course, each playground will not cost the same. There will be different costs for how big you need it to be, the equipment, etc. Let’s say that you need playground equipment New Jersey for just five kids.

3. Remember Age Gaps

The playground should be inclusive for all kids. You do not want 2-3-year-olds and 12-13-year-olds to feel left out. Try to offer a variety of playground equipment New Jersey that can suit various ages.

4. Don’t Try to Do It Alone

A huge mistake anyone can make is building a playground alone. It is a huge task, and it leaves a ton of room for error. Don’t be shy and ask friends or better yet a professional contractor to help.

5. Always Make It Safe

There are safety guidelines placed by the government for playgrounds to follow because they prevent injuries. Neglected or unmaintained equipment is a common cause of injuries in the playground. Check your state’s rules for playground safety before you start designing a plan.

6. Do Not Go Under Budget

While you want to pay a reasonable price, you do not want to go cheap on the equipment. Opting for cheap playground equipment can lead to lots of damage or worse, injuries. Invest in good pieces that will last you a long time while preventing hazards.

7. Try to Make It Unique

Kids always love playgrounds but do not be scared to have some fun with your design. Generic playgrounds can be boring for kids, so you can spice it up with some more unique playground equipment. You can also try to pick uniquely designed equipment to add some style.

8. Add Social Equipment

The playground encourages many types of growth for kids like physical growth, but it also enhances their social growth. Try to add playground equipment that encourages social interaction, like see-saws.

9. Stimulate Their Minds

Don’t forget to make your playground mentally stimulating for kids. You can add talk tubes, musical instruments, telescopes, tic-tac-toe, etc., so less physically demanding equipment is also available.

Making a playground isn’t easy with the right help. Follow the 9 tips above to design an excellent playground!

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