Global Leader in Cable Distribution

Global Leader

Although Sycor Technology has been serving a Canadian market since it was founded in 1981, it also has a worldwide focus as organizations in a wide variety of fields throughout the world regularly consult it for their cabling and wiring needs. They do so because Sycor has proven time and again to meet the varied requirements that these different fields have.

Military Cabling

Some of the stringiest requirements are from those clients that are military in nature or that supply military organizations with products that use cables and wires. As a top mil-spec cable distributor, Sycor knows what is needed for cables to survive in top condition in especially stressful environments. For example, a helicopter may need to be cabled in a manner that allows it to surreptitiously enter dangerous territory. Sycor helps that happen.

Robotic Cabling

Another field that has a number of requirements that need to be met as far as its cabling needs go is robotic automation. As more and more tasks are handled in this type of manner, it’s becoming increasingly important to have these types of automated machines work technical assessment  in a seamless manner. Sycor manufactures cables that are able to handle harsh factory conditions and repeated motions.

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