How Teachers Can Help Struggling Students in Online Learning

 For more than a year, we were bound to use the online platform for all the work. The pandemic is making us all use technology to do all tasks. After a long break, educational institutions are also continuing their school year through distance learning. There is no doubt the online sessions are becoming familiar to most of the students. But we still need the training to achieve our goal. Know that some students can take online sessions like a pro. But some students struggle with remote learning. As an instructor, it is your responsibility to take all of your students with you on their complicated journey. Know that online learning is not an easy fit for all of your students. Many will feel anxious and stressed all the time. The one way to make them comfortable is communication. Talk to your students and take feedback on how you can improve your sessions. These are uncertain times, and we need to prepare our students for online exams. It can be possible that all students need to take an exam using examination software for school. That is why you need to take instant measures to make all students comfortable during your online lessons. Below is a comprehensive list of ways you can help struggling students in your online lectures. Read the list to know the solution to the problem of your students.

Regular monitoring

Online sessions are much different than the traditional way of classes. In the on-sight method, students come to class each day, instructors take physical lectures, and communicate with the students. The instructor and students can discuss any concerns they face in the lesson or the quiz. In the online session, it is a complex thing to communicate over a video call. Students may feel not feel comfort in discussing the concern over the online class. That is why you need to monitor the progress of all students regularly. Make sure that you take a class participation session to know if the students are learning all concepts accurately or not.

Enhance participation

The other major problem that most students face in online classes is a lack of engagement. In the traditional method of lectures, face-to-face interaction makes it easy to enhance the participation of students. Know that the lack of discussion on the topic is not a desirable thing. You can level up the interest of students by asking a question related to the lecture. Make sure that you invite the struggling students in the discussion phase. This way, you can know if your material and teaching methodology is accurate for distance learning or not. You can start thought-provoking discussions that can increase the participation of all students in the topic.

Follow a routine

Most students face problems in online classes because they are altogether different from the traditional classroom. You can resolve this problem by creating such an atmosphere that is similar to your classroom. Make sure you follow the same routine that you use in the on-sight classes.

Be flexible

In these difficult times, all of us are feeling emotional and mental stress. You should not be strict with the ways and provide alternative options to your struggling students. You need to be flexible with the methods and try to accommodate all students in your class.

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About the Author: Dwight V. Bartholomew