Frequently asked questions about CBD use on pets

The following are some of the frequently asked questions at CBD Oil For Dogs UK regarding CBD use on pets:

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is produced by the cannabis sativa plant which is well-known as marijuana. After several anecdotal reports regarding the potential of the CBD in terms of health benefits there are studies that are currently underway to look out for the potential benefits of the CBD for controlling pain from conditions like calming pets that are anxious, osteoarthritis, and a treatment that is possible for  epilepsy in dogs. The CBD is utilized by various owners of pets nowadays, and thus, it is important to know enough so that you can discuss the potential risks when using it.

Is CBD psychoactive?

It isn’t but there are various reasons a dog that has ingested CBD might look as if it is high:

  • The product which the pet took contained both the CBD and the THC. There are a variety of products which are on the market with some being labeled for use in the pets which contains both the THC and the CBD at various concentration, and thus there is a need of checking the labels or to look up for the product online to find out what it contains.
  • The pet happened to ingest enough of the CBD product that caused the toxicity of the THC. The Hemp can contain 0.3% of THC legally, and thus, in case the pet ingest large quantity of the CBD product which is hemp based, mild toxicity of the THC might occur.
  • It is possible that the product hasn’t undergone the testing of the quality assurance and thus, contains THC.
  • The dog might have found marijuana or the edibles of the THC. You should ask about the other cannabis products which might be at home.

What are the signs that are common which are reported in the pets after the CBD products ingestion?

Lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, inappetence, are known to be the most common signs clinically which are reported. The Ataxia can at times occur when there are large ingestions.

How can the cases be treated?

Majority of the cases requires no treatment at all, apart from the care of the symptoms in case there is the gastrointestinal upset. In case it is taken in large doses, where the THC content could be a factor, then there will be a need for a mild sedation, hyperesthesia, urinary incontinence, and ataxia developing. The pet will have to be confined to avoid any injuries happening due to misadventure.  If you happen to see signs which are significant which look like there is toxicity of the THC, then you have to treat your pet in front of you and give it support of IV fluid, medication for anti-nausea and great nursing care.

Is there anything that you should know regarding your pet hemp treat overdose?

A product that is sold for soft chews might have an effect of osmotic when big amounts of the chews get ingested and pull fluid from the body to the gastrointestinal tract

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