How Often Should You Get Physical Exams?

Your doctor can conduct physical exams and any time as there are no absolutes in the routine checkups. So do you know when to get the physical exams? Unfortunately, most people are not keen to get the exams often. You should look for physical exams Greensboro experts who can administer the annual checkups. A doctor might be brief or thorough with the physical exams, and they would take time to listen to your health concerns and evaluate risk factors. This article explores reasons to get physical exams.

How Often Should You Get The Physical Exams?

Medical needs may vary from one person to another, and your physical schedule may depend on the health condition risk factors and medical history. Moreover, your doctor may schedule the health checks based on your age and gender. Thus, if you are healthy, you need preventative screenings based on your age, but you can get disease management screening if you suffer from a lifestyle condition.

Young children should have well-child checks directed by the doctor and meet all the vaccination needs. However, if you are 19 to 30 years, you would need physical health checks each two to three years, and those above 40 years could get the checks annually. If you smoke cigarettes or drink heavily, your doctor will recommend frequent physical checks as drugs can impact your health.

You may need blood pressure checks every two years and keep the vaccinations updated to avoid preventable diseases. After 40 years, you may screen the cholesterol after five years and get colorectal cancer screening after five years. Ensure you also get lung cancer screening if you were a previous smoker and get annual shingle vaccinations and pneumococcal screening. Some doctors might recommend urine and EKG screening if one has risk factors for heart conditions. Therefore, you can talk to your primary doctor about the screening as they understand your health, family history, and other risk factors.

Important Women-Health Physical Checkups

Gender-specific physical exams are essential for a woman’s health. For instance, women should get a Pap smear exam every three years from the 18th to 29th year and get the same exam after five years once they are 30 years old. Women should get mammograms when they hit 40 years and get a bone density exam after 50.

Important Men-Health Physical Exams

Men are least likely to go for gender-specific physical exams, but these exams are essential for their wellness. For instance, men should follow the general guidelines until they are 50 years and have bone density exams once they hit 50. Moreover, prostate cancer screening would increase their reproductive health and well-being. Men should also get an ultrasound for aortic aneurysms after 60, especially if they smoke.

It is easy to forgo the physical exams, especially if you feel healthy, but it is wise to get regular disease screening. Physical exams help formulate preventive treatments which meet a patient’s health needs. Your primary doctor knows your health, family history, and risk factors, and they would recommend physical exams based on your needs. Moreover, it is vital to take gender-specific exams to improve overall health. Good luck finding the proper physical exams which improve your health.

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