Here are 6 Interesting CoolSculpting Facts You Should Know

Losing weight can be a brawl, especially when you have stubborn fat in certain areas of your body. Fortunately, Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center has a solution for stubborn fats. They offer CoolSculpting for targeted fat reduction, which is safe and effective. The treatment is highly customizable and can eliminate stubborn fats in targeted areas, even the hard-to-reach areas. This means you no longer have to worry about the fat in your love handles, bra area, upper arms, chest, stomach area, and inner thighs. Here is what is more interesting about the treatment.

Effective as Liposuction Only Less Effective

Coolsculpting delivers desired results as you can obtain through a liposuction procedure only better since you do not have to undergo surgery. This means you get to enjoy better results with fewer risks for complications. The treatment employs the freezing theory, which enables your provider to target unwanted fat tissues without affecting other tissues in the treatment area. You will not need local anesthesia, which may have some side effects, and you will not have to deal with potential scars and tissue damage.

Delivers Instant Results

Unlike some fat reduction treatments that you have to wait several days to experience results, you can experience up to 25% fat reduction immediately after one session. This means you can rely on the treatment for certain special occasions and events. This has made CoolSculpting one of the most popular fat reduction options among many women and men seeking an alternative to liposuction.

No Recovery Time

Any cosmetic procedure with no downtime is always an added advantage. Imagine a treatment that allows you to get back to your normal daily activities. It is amazing now that you will not need to worry about taking days off work and planning for your recovery. Coolsculpting is non-invasive, meaning no incisions that take time to heal. Also, you will not require anesthesia with some effects that take time to go away. Although you can experience some numbness, tingling, and redness in the treatment area, such effects fade away in less than 24 hours.

It is Safe and Effective

Coolsculpting used advanced technology, making it highly effective and safe. Also, smart technology improves accuracy, and only the targeted fat tissues are destroyed. Remember that there are increased risks for surrounding tissue damage and infections in the treatment area in other alternatives like liposuction. Before being approved, CoolSculpting was thoroughly researched, and multiple clinical studies were conducted to ensure its safety.

Delivers Results Quickly

You can experience instant fat reduction with CoolSculpting, as mentioned earlier. The treatment liquefies fat cells in the treatment area, then excreted naturally. Although this might take time, you will go home with noticeable results. However, you can expect more noticeable results about 2-4 months after your treatment. This is because it can take up to two months for the body to process and eliminate the dissolved fat.

Targets Multiple Areas

Stubborn fat can be found in different parts of your body, and finding a treatment that can address multiple areas is an added advantage. CoolSculpting can address stubborn fat in your upper arms, stomach area, knees, thighs, and chin areas. Additionally, you can have different areas addressed simultaneously, unlike with liposuction, where you have to manage every area at a go.

Find the cosmetic specialist and aesthetician in Park Slope and learn more about CoolSculpting. You can book online appointments to consult about the treatment and ask relevant questions to help you understand better. Stubborn fat can be eliminated without surgery.

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