Four Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies Should Join Forces

According to Recruiters International in 2018, the UK recorded the highest number of recruitment agencies in the past six years. While this was a good sign of a robust economy, many start-up companies had a hard time trying to find the right skill set for their businesses despite hiring the services of the various agents in the country. According to a Forbes 2016 report, recruiting agencies are not keen on sharing information about their clients with others. This holding back of information by the agencies lead to limitation of options to businesses that needed the workers and to the job seekers as well, as they too get limited information on the various jobs available for them.

The idea of Recruitment to Recruitment Companies partnering has always been floated around, however very few have done it. These are some of the reasons why agency collaboration would be the best option.

Cost effective

Recruitment jobs in London just like any part of the globe, involves running of an agency, just like any other business, can be expensive. Costs such as posting a job advertisement come at a cost whether it is on the internet or in the newspapers. The cost of labour and other running costs can also be straining to an individual agency. Teaming up of recruitment agencies is helpful in the cost sharing.

It saves on time

Time is precious and most hiring companies need their candidates as soon as possible. The deadline for hiring, therefore, dictates the method of recruitment. If the timeline for recruitment is short, one might consider the option of using the services of an online CV search offered by other agencies such as rec to rec London which they are in partnership.

Sharing of information

Information collected by recruitment to recruitment agencies London and similar ones can give access to a massive candidate pool. Access to such information not only saves time for the agencies to find the right candidate but also makes the recruitment process easier and efficient.

Maximization of technology

The world has become a global village due to the advancement in technology. An agency from one side of the world can partner with another agency from another part using technology. This enhancement in technology enables agencies to recruit workers from any part of the world, without spending exorbitant prices in the process. Interviews can easily be carried out through platforms such as Skype or Zoom, and the required paperwork can be sent electronically.

Recruitment to Recruitment Companies should not see each other as rivals. If they considered merging their companies, they would discover that more could be achieved together than if they worked apart. However, before embarking on any partnership, a few considerations must be carried out such as setting out legal and contractual agreements. This factoring is to make sure that the rights of their clients are protected even as they move forward.

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