Creating and Piecing Together Your Industrial Home

The industrial style for houses stemmed from old warehouses and functional spaces being converted into homes and restaurants. Still, the style has stuck, and designers and homeowners alike have continued to favor the sleek yet rustic look that can stand the test of time even as fads come and go. If you’re interested in creating a complete industrial look for your home, it can easily be achieved by incorporating core elements that complete the aesthetic. From there, you can add or change up some more pieces to your liking.

Check out these design elements you can use to capture that perfect feel:

  • Metal Roofing

It’s easier to come by metal roofing nowadays, and it can provide your home with excellent protection while already getting that industrial look from the outside. Mixing functional metals with other pieces like wood and textiles is a mainstay in this design wheelhouse. It also works with any color scheme you’re going for, though a great route to go for is matte black if you want to hit that minimalistic vibe that feels sleek and easy to contrast with, especially if your walls complement it.

  • Textured Walls

One of the lasting staples to this design is making use of exposed brick, and the results are always gorgeous. If that’s not accessible to you, you can still achieve the look by incorporating textured walls that add depth to the area without overpowering the whole visual appeal. If you already have built walls, you can get away with using some suitable wallpaper that creates the same look. You can get panels that emulate metals, aged wood, rustic concrete, brick, and the like.

  • Repurposed Features

From pipes turned into lamp bodies to old safes used as side tables, there are many ways you can create a full industrial look by incorporating core pieces throughout your home. It lets you make use of eclectic designs more and lessens the need to go utterly industrial with every single piece of furniture. Having some features that stand out while perfectly blending can make everything come together. There’s a lot of ways to repurpose old furniture and make them fit your theme while having a use, too.

  • Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great and environmentally healthy way to make your space feel more industrial, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate it. You can use it in your accent pieces, furniture, the shelving, or the structural parts of your home. You can purchase old wooden furniture or, if you’re using it as a building material that is exposed, you can find different sources of discarded wood.

  • Edison Bulbs

You can bring it home with your lighting fixtures, too. And whether you opt for pendants or wall sconces, you can make use of different metals as long as you get yourself an Edison bulb. There are even different shapes that you can mix and match to suit your taste. These are usually incandescent, but you can now get a lot of “dupes” that are more energy-efficient and can be brighter if it’s too dim. Major companies are selling LED bulbs that look like these vintage lights, giving you a unique appearance without the less favorable aspects.

With these put together, you can build yourself that perfect industrial home that looks cool and lasts a lifetime.

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