Common Work-Related Injuries

Injuries are common, and one can obtain one from different places, including at work or on the field while playing sports. Although work injuries are common, they can be debilitating. The good news is that you can prevent a work-related injury in Colonia by taking necessary precautions and following all the guidelines. Here are the most common workplace injuries and how you can avoid them.


Overexertion injuries are primarily due to the constant use of a specific body part. They may result in musculoskeletal disorders, which may have a significant financial impact on an employer. Tasks that require repetitive motion such as bending, lifting, and typing can cause debilitating effects in the long run. For this reason, workers with such duties should adjust the job to fit their body needs. For example, taking breaks between long hours of sitting can help relieve the pressure off your back.

Instead of manually lifting heavy items, employers need to invest in mechanical lifting equipment for objects above 50lbs.

Slips and falls

These fall at the top of the list for work-related injuries and are common reasons employers spend more on compensation claims. Slips usually result from slippery surfaces and may cause different types of injuries. For example, you can fall on your back and fracture your spine when you walk on an oily surface. A fall can also cause damage to other parts of your body, including your head, neck, and legs.

Slips and falls can be due to poor lighting, uneven walking surfaces, and wrinkled mats or carpets. Employers can reduce the risk of these accidents by ensuring good housekeeping and that every room has adequate lighting. Investing inappropriate footwear can also reduce the number of such accidents.

Explosions and fires

Fires and explosions are not too common, but they cause severe damage and can sometimes result in death when they occur. Faulty gas lines, open fires, and mishandling of equipment may result in a fire or an explosion. The severity of the injuries from a fire depends on different variables, such as proximity to the blast. People involved may sustain severe burns, and in case of an explosion, flying objects may cause painful cuts.

Employees working in environments prone to explosion need to have protective equipment at all times. There needs to be proper combustible material storage, and faulty gas lines should be fixed. More importantly, workers need to understand what to do in case of a fire outbreak.


While you might think violence at work is impossible, it does happen. An aggressive confrontation from a customer or an employee may lead to harassment and even physical assault. As a result, victims may obtain injuries such as cuts and broken bones. Employers need to have a zero-tolerance policy applying to anyone who comes in contact with an employee to reduce workplace violence.

People working on farms can also sustain injuries like bites from animals. Wearing protective clothing and staying alert can help reduce injuries.

If you have any work-related injury, reserve a session with your doctor at SamWell Institute for Pain Management for treatment to improve your quality of life. 

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