Common Reasons You May Need To See Your Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is an area of preventive and rehabilitative care that relies on using well-designed equipment, physical manipulation, and exercises to correct abnormal physical function. You may have a problem with your physical health due to different issues, including the natural process of aging. Therefore, your physical therapist Daniel Island, SC, will evaluate your condition and recommend the proper treatment depending on your disease, disability, or injury. The purpose of physical therapy is to restore your normal physical movement and function.

Consequently, below are the reasons that may make you visit your physical therapist’s office.

Improve your physical health

For instance, you may have median nerve compression, which affects your hands and arms due to a pinched or compressed nerve in the wrist. The pressure exerted in the nerves of your wrist may be due to a wrist fracture or dislocation, chronic diseases like diabetes, being overweight, or prolonged wrist flexing.

You may also experience neck, shoulder, back, and leg pain.

A physical therapist may discourage you from activities causing physical health issues, inform you how to perform strenuous activities safely, and recommend body strengthening and conditioning exercises. Thus, you will have better balance and movement.

Avoid surgical treatment

A physical therapist can work on your physical problem, leading to the elimination of discomfort or faster healing of an injury. In such a situation, you may not require invasive treatment.

And if your physical condition demands surgery, you can still benefit from physical therapy administered before a surgical procedure. That is vital for ensuring you are in a better physical shape to handle invasive treatment and thus heal and recover faster.

Injury prevention

While you can go to a physical therapist after an injury to assist with recovery and rehabilitation, going for the care may also prevent injuries and improve your posture. Specialist physical care is much more critical when regularly participating in sporting activities.

A physical therapist understands that sporting activities come with different injury risks. For example, common running injuries may include a runner’s knee, stress fracture, ankle sprain, muscle pull, and Achilles tendinopathy.

Your physical therapist will design exercise and diet programs to prevent injuries or promote faster healing.

Address aging issues

As you age, due to the natural wear and tear, your musculoskeletal system, which comprises things like bones, ligaments, and muscles become weaker. Therefore, there is a higher possibility of experiencing joint inflammation and discomfort.

Your physical health expert will assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes, which may involve modifying how you perform regular activities so that you do not affect your balance, minimizing your risk of falling and injuring yourself. For example, you may learn how to safely walk up and down stairs.

Management of illnesses and conditions

Physical therapists do not only perform rehabilitation work. A physical therapist can help manage and control your chronic illness or condition affecting different parts of your body, such as the pelvic floor, heart, and lungs.

For instance, if you have type 2 diabetes (high blood glucose), improving your physical strength and health can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight, minimizing cardiovascular diseases, and reducing reliance on medications.

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