6 Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues to Discuss with Your Gynecologist

Since you are not an expert in sexual and reproductive health, diagnosing an issue you may be experiencing is not a simple matter. Moreover, gynecology New York issues can be embarrassing to discourage you from seeking a solution, which should not be the case. Always immediately consult with a gynecology and menopause specialist to diagnose, treat, and manage your reproductive health.

Subsequently, below are some reproductive issues that may make you visit your gynecologist’s office.

  1. Painful menstrual cramps

It is always hard to get used to the excruciating pain of dysmenorrhea and its common symptoms, such as headaches and soreness of the breasts. Your menstrual cramps may be severely painful, or the pain worsens with time. In that case, you may have gynecological conditions like uterine myoma or the growth of the uterine-like tissue away from the uterus.

Talking with your doctor is beneficial in managing the conditions and avoiding suffering in silence.

  1. Vaginal smell

Your vagina has its natural smell. However, when the scent becomes unusual and foul, lasting a couple of days, you may be dealing with an infection of the vagina.

  1. Swellings in and around your vagina

Your vagina or vaginal lips may have a pimple or a shaving-related cut. But, if you notice or feel an unusual growth, be concerned about your health. For instance, you may be dealing with genital warts resulting from sexually transmitted infections.

Visit your gynecologist to diagnose and treat the swelling before it becomes severe.

  1. Painful sex

Pain during and after sex can be due to a sexually transmitted infection like genital herpes. Vaginismus is also a common cause of sexual discomfort in women since the condition involves muscles inside and around the vagina shutting tightly.

Vaginal dryness can also cause painful intercourse. If you are young and using a particular method of birth control for a long, it may mean that you do not have enough production of the female sex hormone. Therefore, you need to use another method for controlling birth.

Also, not having enough time for foreplay can contribute to vaginal dryness and painful sex. Using a lubricant is not an excellent way of dealing with vaginal dryness as it can promote bleeding.

Using a different intercourse position can make you feel relaxed and prepared for penetration.

If in post-menopause, a gynecologist will strive to boost your low estrogen levels.

  1. Bladder and bowel dysfunction

You often experience this condition after a delivery that requires a vacuum or obstetrical forceps because the baby weighs more. Without fixing urinal and fecal incontinence, the situation worsens as you grow older.

The correction of the condition is possible surgically.

  1. Low sex drive

Low sex drive can result from medicines you are using or an underlying health issue. Therefore, your health provider will examine you and determine the right treatment plan.

Things like stress and depression can also contribute to your low libido.

Contact Anna Barbieri, MD, today if you have sexual and reproductive health problems and need to regain your optimal health.

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