Can I Learn Without Attending School?

Is it possible to learn without attending school? If that question was asked 10-15 years ago, the answer would be different. Today, it is totally possible to learn without attending school, thanks to the internet and various online learning platforms! These days, one can learn tons of valuable skills by just looking at YouTube videos alone which goes to show that learning is no more confined inside the classroom of a school. With new online courses such as Functional Skills Maths Level 2, English and ICT there are new and innovative ways to learn.

Even if we remove the internet from the equation, learning is still something that can be done anywhere and anytime. Even today, kids learn valuable skills from their parents, and even adults learn valuable skills from one another. In fact, apprenticeship is not a new concept at all – People have been learning valuable skills by becoming an apprentice of skilled workers! But with the rise of the internet, it has become easier to learn anything one sets their mind to!

How to Learn Without Attending School

So far, we have established that one can learn without attending school as long as one is willing to put in the work and time. So let’s look at different ways to learn without attending school:

1. Online Schools/Colleges

These are the new form of educational institutes which allow one to get a quality education and learn valuable skills using the internet! Technically, these institutes are still classified as schools/colleges, but they have the added benefit of being location-independent.

Using these online schools/colleges, it becomes easy for anyone to learn at their own pace without worrying about going to school/college every day. Furthermore, it also allows those who are already working or pressed on time to continue their education.

2. Public Libraries

Another great way to learn valuable skills and gain knowledge is by going to your local public library! These days, public libraries also offer online/digital resources as well on top of printed books. And the best part about it is that majority of the public libraries are free for all!

3. OpenCourseWare (OCW)

OCW is another great resource for learning anything you want, and the best part is that it offers course material from top-of-the-line recognized universities from all over the world! Did I mention that OpenCourseWare is free for all? Yes, you can now get access to world-class learning material for free! Some of the educational institutes whose courses/content is available on OCW include MIT, Tufts University, and Johns Hopkins University. You may also find this in some college courses.

4. YouTube

YouTube is not just for watching funny cat videos or pointless stuff… You can also learn tons of valuable skills from YouTube as well for free! If you search on YouTube for a ‘free python course,’ you will instantly see tons of videos (hours long) that teach everything from beginner to expert level. Similarly, if you search for graphic design, you see videos related to that and so on.

Basically, you can learn anything you want on YouTube, such as English, French, Programming, Graphics Design, Plumbing, Wood Working, and so on!

5. Udemy

Udemy offers tons of free as well as paid courses for those who want to learn! When it comes to online learning and courses, one of the best ways to learn from great teachers/mentors is through Udemy. They also offer a lot of great courses for free (You can check out free Udemy Courses).

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