Business industries thriving in 2022 – Experts explain for you

What are the biggest business industries thriving in 2022? Mostly those are built digitally. Let’s dive deeper.

YouTube – content marketing

It’s a big thing in 2022. People start putting video cameras in the middle of the road and recording everything. It’s a new normal – pandemic has shown that we may lack the empathy of authenticity. So, it’s important for millions of YouTube viewers to see real and authentics video content. That’s why content marketing is doing its job well in 2022. You can jump in this trend too, buy YouTube subscribers Paypal option integrated and have a good jump-start for the journey. Slowly build a community and don’t start selling anything yet. When you feel that people believe and listen to your authentic message, the outreach brands that may have the same motto (or message). Ask for the salary (it could be monthly for the sponsorship) or just charge them for one video. 

Teaching people online – courses

Online courses are an ideal way for you to generate a passive income stream if you have particular expertise in a field. With online courses you can underpin your expert knowledge, pass your knowledge on to interested people and boost sales. You can market the courses either via an online course platform like Thinkific or you use platforms like Udemy. The latter is particularly aimed at people who do not have an existing reach and do not want to take on the online course marketing themselves. With both variants, you have to make sure that your courses offer real added value. This added value comes from the results your students achieve. 

Creating a good online course online is particularly interesting for people who already have expertise in a certain area. Making money with online courses is a tedious task, as you first have to build up the appropriate reach among the target group.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is older than is commonly thought. The Turing machine, a forerunner of the computer, was developed in 1936. The term “artificial intelligence” was first used at a conference of scientists in 1956. And the first chatbot saw the light of day in 1966 as “ELIZA”.

In everyday life, however, AI only began to establish itself from around 2011, for example through Apple’s speech recognition “Siri”. In addition to the ever-improving hardware, this was mainly due to the emergence of the machine learning approach. Instead of pre-defining formal rules for a computer system, the system learns independently based on the existing data.

Online trading

E-commerce is booming. If you would like to set up your own online shop, you do not need a location in contrast to stationary shops and you do not necessarily have to pay expensive staff. Another advantage is that you can offer your products worldwide and are not tied to a physical location. You need a warehouse, products, and most importantly, your own website. You can also opt for a complete solution via Shopify to create your own online store in record time. If you create your shop with your own website, you may need extensive programming knowledge in order to be able to adapt your shop to your needs.


Podcasts are available on a wide variety of topics and have become increasingly popular in recent times. Podcasts are mostly used to draw attention to a specific service with one’s own expertise. In this way, you can deal with a specific topic in your podcast and thus draw the attention of your potential target group.

Creating a podcast isn’t really difficult these days. You need a microphone and you can record with your smartphone. After that, you can use a podcast hosting platform like Podbead. This platform will then publish your recordings on platforms such as iTunes or Spotify. Making money as a simple podcaster is very difficult. You need an enormous reach for that. Only then are brands willing to cooperate with you. That’s why you should see podcasting more as a marketing opportunity. If you offer coaching or are an author, then you can market your books to your audience

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