All About In-Office Teeth Whitening in Fort Lauderdale

When you have beautiful teeth, you are more confident to smile than ever. But, some people have stained, yellow, discolored teeth and do not feel comfortable showing them. Thankfully teeth whitening is an option for those who want an alluring smile. If you are someone who suffers from yellow teeth or any of the above issues, then head over to Fort Lauderdale in office teeth whitening; it is the most popular dental procedure today.

What is in-office teeth whitening?

In-office teeth whitening is a technique used by your dentist to get your teeth brighter, faster. The bleaching solution used here is often much stronger than at-home kits. Heat, light, or both, can speed up and escalate the process. The appointment takes an hour and a half.

Types of in-office teeth whitening treatments

  • A hydrogen peroxide merged with a high-intensity light like UV, halogen, or LED. It is applied by a laser or lamp device directly outside your mouth.
  • High concentration hydrogen peroxide gel applied with the help of a syringe.

Benefits of in-office teeth whitening

Thorough whitening: A good thing about professional teeth whitening is that you can rely on it because dentists are specialists, and they know what they are doing. At-home kits may not bring results as good as in-office whitening.

Quicker results: If you perform at-home kits for teeth whitening, you may have to wait for weeks to get the results. That too, sometimes, turns out mediocre. But with in-office whitening, you can get the results within half an hour. You will be satisfied with the result when you get treatment from a dentist.

Safe and effective: Store-bought products could be inexpensive, but you don’t know if they will work properly or are safe enough to use? With in-office treatment, you know you are in good hands, and hence safer, and more effective results will come out.

Improve confidence: A person with stained teeth will be self-conscious all the time and will hesitate to smile with confidence. When you get your teeth whitened, your confidence will boost.


Teeth whitening can develop sensitivity in teeth or be uncomfortable for people who already have sensitivity. If home kits are misused, they can lead to burned or temporarily bleached gums. Teeth whitening works best for yellow teeth and might not work for people with brownish teeth. For the best advice, talk to your dentist before you decide.

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