3D Scanning: The New Darling of Land Surveyors

Gone are the days of land surveyors standing under the sun measuring distance and elevation from afar. The advancements that technology has brought us in 3D laser scanners have been such a boon to land surveyors everywhere.

Here are a few solid reasons why 3D scanning is the land surveyor’s new darling:

It saves time and money.

For this reason alone, land surveying companies are rejoicing. What used to take weeks with measuring tapes now only takes a day at most. The utilization of drones to scan terrains and areas ensures a faster completion time. This means that not only does it save you time, it also saves you money.

There are several instances where there is a shortage of land surveyors. This leads to delays in projects that can sometimes go weeks. Since companies started using this technology, their fieldwork has been cut down by 50 to 70% which has significantly cut down their costs as well.

It accurately surveys large areas.

Before the tech was made available, a typical land surveyor in Utah County could efficiently survey large patches of land. However, with the addition of the 3D scanning tech to their arsenal, not only were they able to churn out results in the least amount of time, but they can now also get the most accurate results with very minimal errors.

Traditional measuring techniques, while still useful, leave a larger room for error compared to the pinpoint precision that 3D scanning offers. The older methods would give you an idea of the length, width, and some topographical data along with a few photos. 3D laser scanning, on the other hand, gives precise details even for areas that are harder to reach such as rough terrain and caves.

It is versatile.

Gone are the days when surveyors would need to rack their brains out at challenges and obstacles that are in the way of their jobs. Thanks to 3D scanning, they now have a variety of solutions for the different challenges they face at work.

3D laser scanning involves different types of platforms which lets land surveyors pick and use the right tool to effectively do the job right. There are mobile scanning and aerial mapping among others. These different modes give surveyors a better chance of acquiring the most precise data at all times.

It collects highly precise information and data for drawing and modeling.

3D scanners can map out areas and surfaces with such precision because they utilize technology that can collect millions of points. These points help recreate an accurate model of the terrain and topography of the area.

Because of this, it can reconstruct spaces with precision based on the information gathered. This allows renderers to translate these pieces of data into amazingly precise drawings and models, showing the area’s true conditions. Any surveyor will agree that when you talk to clients, having pin-point accurate data and models help paint a clearer picture of the land.

The 3D laser scanning technology has proven to be very useful and effective in a surveyor’s line of work. With the way technology keeps advancing, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the industry.

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