Why Should You Consider Premium Coworking Space NY

The New York City business buzz has a number of conversations going on, and office space is always a topic of concern. All of the trendy, attractive spaces are already occupied or ridiculously costly to join. In fact, one of the only alternatives to conventional office space is to lease one of the many matchbox offices.

However, city residents do not have to sacrifice adequate office space for price anymore. The coworking landscape in the city has forged an identity that is complex and diverse, so much so, professionals can find spaces bespoke to their business needs. More importantly, the spaces have evolved to include an array of amenities including workspaces in premium locations. Businesses might find that a premium coworking space in NY is not only great workspace but also surprisingly affordable.

Read more to learn about why you should consider coworking in one of the city’s premium spaces.

High Profile Location

The first reason to go with a premium coworking space is that these offices are usually in high profile locations. Take Servcorp’s World Trade Center location. Its coworking offices are in one of the most world-renowned locations and the building is home to the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. These locations command a certain respect simply because they are two of the most significant landmarks and most thriving financial centers in the world.

Access To Resources

Typically, accessing premium locations will set a person back a couple of thousand dollars each year. However, premium coworking spaces can provide your business with resources simply by placing your office in the vicinity of important business. In the WTC alone, professionals are exposed to others from all types of industries, but being in the middle of a financial center, there are numerous resources from which people can benefit.

Forget the numerous resources, as being in close proximity with others who work in financial industries make it possible to learn on-the-go. With collaboration being a key part of the coworking conversation, businesses can find themselves being invested in lucrative ventures simply because of their location. Finally, rubbing shoulders with some of the best and brightest in the city can only have a positive effect on your learning curve.

First-Class Impression

When leasing offices in a CBD or a financial district, you can expect the fit out to be corporate, white-shoe quality. Businesses should expect to see a highly-trained receptionist at the front desk meeting guests for businesses in the building. They should expect to see well-maintained and clean offices, regardless of the time of day.

The offices are usually retrofitted with the latest technologies and the finest furnishings. The office space in total is really world-class office space at an extremely discounted price. What’s more, the leasing is very flexible offering businesses concierge products and services as a part of their menu.

Spectacular Views Of The City

Whether working in the WTC, off of Park Avenue’s grand buildings, near Battery Park, or the more attractive Avenues of America, the view of the city is spectacular. While this only a tangential feature of office space, perspective is everything. When looking from atop one of these buildings, the expansive NYC skyline can give your views of just about any of the amazing landmarks that make up the city regardless of where you are at in the city. 

Premium Workspace At A Reduced Price

The workspace that can also be a platform for building business through relationships has found a space in more exclusive locations. These locations in NYC can leave an indelible impression on others while at the same time help you save on your overall overheads. Premium space at a reduced price has provided opportunity for even the smallest venture.

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