Why Platinum Jewellery Is Becoming The Next Choice For Indian Brides

Choosing your bridal jewellery is a matter of careful consideration and huge contemplation. In the case of Indian brides, bridal jewellery in gold with diamonds or pearls have been preferred since forever. However, the modern bride has shifted to more modern options with changes in jewellery and bridal attire trends. Specifically, with the growing popularity of pastel shades of bridal clothing, platinum jewellery has become one of the most favoured and preferred options.

With such jewellery becoming the trend nowadays, it is only right that you also follow it for your wedding day! Here are a few reasons why platinum jewellery should be your choice too for your bridal jewellery:

1. Brilliant appearance

One of the best things about platinum jewellery is its brilliant appearance and incredible shine! While platinum shines brilliantly in itself, its brilliance is the greatest when embellished with diamonds. The cool tone of the combination of platinum and diamonds make it ideal for a wedding trousseau in pastel colours or shades of white. Furthermore, such jewellery can also be one of the best choices for Christian brides due to the brilliant combination of white gowns with brilliant platinum jewellery.

2. Extremely durable

Platinum is one of the most durable metals for any jewellery setting. The durability makes it one of the best options for diamonds and other precious stones since the prongs would not come apart easily, and the piece would stay intact for years. Due to this, brides looking to wear their wedding jewellery for a long time can rely on platinum jewellery easily. However, the metal is somewhat easily susceptible to scratches. So, with a little bit of regular maintenance, you can be assured that your wedding jewellery will stay flawless for years to come!

3. Easy maintenance

Platinum jewellery can lose its shine if you wear them regularly and develop a scratchy-looking texture called Patina. However, to avoid this, you can implement some easy steps to care for your jewellery, like not wearing it very often, storing it separately from your other jewellery, and not wearing it when doing hard labour or working with chemicals. You can also get your platinum jewellery cleaned once or twice a year to keep that shine and brilliance intact.

4. You can wear it on multiple occasions!

Gold jewellery, especially yellow gold traditionally preferred for bridal jewellery, exudes a sense of exclusivity that is only reserved for traditional affairs. However, with platinum jewellery, you can wear them on multiple occasions and with various outfits. You can wear them with western and Indian outfits. Furthermore, many jewellery pieces are also detachable into smaller pieces. So, you can get them and wear the different pieces as and when you want.

 With so many benefits, it is no wonder that brides prefer platinum jewellery for their bridal trousseau nowadays. You, too, can take part in the trend and take the platinum route as you take the plunge into married life!

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