What’s the Right Semiprecious Stone for You?

Are you looking for a stunning ring for your wedding or other special occasions? The Diamond Vault is one of the premier jewelry stores in Phoenix, Arizona. However, diamonds are just the beginning with us. If you prefer the look of semiprecious stones, you can find an amazing piece in our stock. Not sure what you want? Read this guide to picking the right semiprecious stone for your personality and lifestyle:

You Want:

To make a dramatic statement. Iolite is a deep, unforgettable indigo. As part of the purple family, it’s universally flattering on all skin tones. Meanwhile, the deep blood-red of Garnet can echo your favorite crimson power lip, taking this jewelry from the boardroom to evening events.

Fun, romantic jewelry as fresh as spring itself. Look for bright, cheerful pinks such as Pink Tourmaline, the brighter option, or Rhodolite for more intense color.

To stay on the cutting edge of trends. Sunny yellows are hot in the makeup world and greens are taking the design world by storm. You an echo these fun color trends with rings that incorporate golden Citrine or warm green Peridot.

An opulent effect. Purple has long been the color of royalty and the elite, and the semiprecious gemstone world gives you a lot of options here. Amethyst is a classic choice. This gorgeous stone comes in a wide range of shades, from pale to deep and from warm red-violets to cooler blue-violets. Tanzanite is another great option; this blue-violet stone has a richness of color rarely seen on the market.

To project classic, understated beauty. Aquamarine is a lovely pale blue with a touch of green. This stone is famous for how it can shift colors depending on the time of day or kind of light in the area, such as fluorescent bulbs vs sunlight. One ring can have many different looks, all of them beautiful.

Don’t Forget About the Setting

Gemstones naturally draw the eye but the setting can greatly change the impact of the piece. For instance, warm colored stones like Citrine look even warmer with a yellow gold setting. Meanwhile, white gold doesn’t wash out the subtle beauty of Aquamarine.

Design and proportion also play an important role. A setting with wide, dramatic bands of metal can be distracting unless it’s paired with an equally bold and large gemstone. Meanwhile, smaller gems balance well with delicate or intricate metalwork.

What Tops the List of Jewelry Stores in Phoenix?

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