What You Must Know as You Consider Breast Reduction

Larger breasts can compromise the quality of your life by causing back pain, limiting your participation in certain activities, and making it tough to find clothing that fits well. If you are concerned about the size of your breast, you must discuss it with a breast reduction surgery specialist like Dr. John David Mullins. This helps evaluate if you can benefit from surgery and also draft a customized treatment plan that will reshape your contours in the best way to give you a stunning look and manage your symptoms. Here is what you should know about breast reduction surgery.

It has a High Satisfaction Rate

Breast reduction is one of the plastic surgery procedures with n of the highest satisfaction rates. Many patients who have received the treatment have given it a thumbs up and expressed their satisfaction with the results. This can be attributed to the fact that large breasts cause issues like severe back, shoulder, and neck pain and other lifestyle issues, all of which go away after the treatment. Once the extra weight is cut off from your chest, you can be sure to lead a painless life, and you can choose to wear your favorite clothes without complications.

It is Crucial You Lose Weight First

Your weight could primarily affect breast reduction surgery. Therefore, please discuss with your doctor about your ideal weight and work first to achieve it before considering breast reduction surgery. Losing fat means decreased fats in your breasts, minimizing the complications due to extra fats. Sometimes you might not even see the need to continue with the procedure once you lose weight as you could achieve a perfect breast size through weight loss.

Scars are Likely

As you consider breast reduction surgery, please ensure you visit the gallery page of your provider. Compare the before and after photos to help you picture what your skin will look like. Remember that your doctor will remove some breast tissues through an incision from the nipple to the space beneath the breast. This incision will leave scarring behind, and you should ensure you are okay with that. But you can consult your provider about making the incision-less visible.

You Will Need Sometimes Off

It is essential to consult your doctor about the days you will need for recovery so you can seek off in advance. Generally, you will require at least a week to allow your body to heal. But it will take several weeks for a full recovery. You will be under restrictive measures towards getting back to your routine and choosing the clothes you wear. You might first have to wear special supportive bras and clothing until you recover. You’ll gradually get back to your activities but will have to stay away from strenuous activities for about one to two months.

It is Possible to Lose Sensations in Your Nipple

Since breast reduction surgery involves removing tissues, even those affecting your nipple sensation, it is possible to lose the feeling after the treatment. However, your provider should try as much as possible not to remove many issues that can compromise the nipple sensation such that you might have the senses even after surgery. However, be okay with losing the feel before the procedure.

It is okay to be concerned about the size of your breast, mainly if it affects the quality of your life. Get in touch with Dr. Mullins to learn how you can gain from breast reduction surgery. You can book an online appointment as soon as possible to be a step ahead.

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