What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Teeth discoloration is a common problem, but you don’t have to suffer from it any longer! This type of discoloration is caused by the darkening and staining of teeth, which can happen through coffee, tobacco use, or simply aging. But there are also sources of teeth discoloration that are purely cosmetic in nature. The causes and prevention methods for each of these types of tooth-stain worries are different.

You can go to a Willowbrook, IL family dentist to get the best treatment if you want to get whiter teeth. When it comes to causes of tooth discoloration, there are some which are purely cosmetic in nature, and others that are more serious. For example, teeth can become stained by too much coffee or tea consumption which can result in dark brown spots on your teeth.

We will now see into the common causes of teeth discoloration.

  1. Poor dental hygiene

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene, it is possible that your teeth can become discolored. You should maintain a good dental care routine to avoid teeth discoloration problems. It is advised to brush twice daily and floss at least once to prevent staining or any types of tooth discoloration. You can also use mouthwash and dental products to remove food particles before they turn into stains.

  • Lifestyle habits

If you smoke, drink too much coffee or tea, and use tobacco, it is likely that you will get tooth discoloration. These habits can turn your teeth brownish in color. For example, if you drink too much coffee daily and smoke a lot of cigarettes, your teeth may have a yellowing appearance.

  • Medications

Some medications can lead to discoloration of the teeth. This is commonly seen in patients who are taking medications like tetracycline, aminopenicillins, and steroids. Discoloration may also occur in people who have diseases like meningitis or tuberculosis. Discoloration may also occur if a person is suffering from certain conditions such as lead poisoning, kidney failure, or any other condition that could lead to discoloration of teeth.

  • Aging

If you are a senior citizen, you should be prepared for the possibility that your teeth may discolor as you age. Aging is a natural process, and it will make your teeth look grayer and darker. However, it is possible to reduce the stain on your teeth naturally with some extra care and proper inspection by a dentist.

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