What Are Mice Attracted to?

Some people may think mice are cute, adorable, and do not cause any health risks. But the truth of the matter is that mice are carriers of several deadly diseases like hantavirus, plague, salmonella, Lyme disease, and more. A mice infestation in your home is a serious matter of concern, and it has to be dealt with by professionals who know how to handle situations like mice infestation. 

When a person notices the first signs of mice infestation like torn clots or chewed wires, they wonder what helped or attracted the mice to make their way into their home. Just like humans, mice also need shelter and food.

Once mice have invaded your house, you might consider DIY methods to eliminate them by using baits (like cheese or chocolate) or traps (glue traps or a small mouse cage). There is no hidden fact that mice are intelligent creatures and know how to get away with tricks to capture them. However, professionals who are well aware of the possible locations of mice can help you get rid of them. Getting help from Georgetown pest control services can not only eliminate mice from your house but can also rule out the chances of mice re-infestation. 

What attracts mice? 

  1. Chocolate and Peanut butter.

If you are trying to bait mice, try using chocolate or peanut butter. Mice love these products. People have a misconception that mice are attracted to cheese, but cheese comes at the bottom of the list. Therefore, next time you try to bait a mouse, use chocolate. 

  1. Bacon.

Next time you try to capture a mouse, keep the bacon inside the cage. Studies have shown that mice are most attracted to bacon compared with other food products. 

  1. Unhygienic and messy home.

Keeping your house clean and hygienic can help avoid infestation by a mouse, but if already infested, then cleaning will not help. However, an unclean and messy apartment is an invitation to the mice. 

  1. Not disposing of garbage regularly.

Throwing out your waste bags daily ensures no food source for mice. But not throwing them poses a potential risk of mice infestation and growth if already present. 

  1. Leftovers.

After you and your family have completed a meal, ensure to rinse the dishes as mice can use the leftovers for their nutrition. You can also use the leftovers as bait for mice. 

Getting rid of a mice infestation yourself can be challenging and insufficient. Getting help from professionals can guarantee you assurance and give quick results. 

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