Ways a Home Care Can Help Seniors Achieve Restful Sleep at Night

According to sleep experts, older adults require the same hours of sleep as other adults. An older adult should sleep for at least seven hours each night. However, due to various issues, such as sleep disorders, side effects of medication, and health problems, you may often find yourself as a senior citizen not getting sufficient quality sleep like when you were younger. In such a situation, home care Philadelphia, PA, may assist you significantly. For instance, since home care allows you to enjoy the companionship of your pets, your level of loneliness can reduce in a significant way, leading to less stress, anxiety, and depression. With less anxiety and depression, you can have a better restful sleep at night.

Consequently, below are the different ways home care may assist you in sleeping well at night.

Maintain correct ventilation

Assisting you to sleep better is often challenging since you may have different health issues, such as obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that causes repeated starting and stopping of your breathing while sleeping or lying down. Therefore, you may require a machine or device to regulate your inhalation and exhalation as you sleep.

Other times, you may find it hard to get healthy sleep since you are always bedridden due to old-age-related symptoms.

A home care service may recommend sleeping devices and positions that may not cause pain and allow you to get the rest you need.

Change room temperature

During the colder months, your home should have a system for heating so that the sleeping conditions are conducive. On the other hand, during the hotter or warmer months, your home must have an air conditioner to achieve lower temperature conditions that promote uninterrupted sleep.

Still, a home care service may help aerate your home by opening doors and windows. Your healthcare provider may also recommend various tips to help you. For instance, you may need to maintain regular sleep patterns, avoid napping during the day, keep the bedroom dark, avoid consumption of alcohol before sleep, and exercise routinely.

Maintain comfy bed

A home care agency strives to set up your bed, including the sheets and pillows, depending on your preference. A comfy mattress and bedding promote healthy sleep and you can get assistance from your wheelchair to your bed.

Promote good night’s sleep

You should get quality sleep as it is essential for healthy mental and physical functioning. Good sleep hygiene improves your productivity and the general quality of your life.

A home care service may encourage you to cultivate healthy bedtime habits, improve your sleep environment, and set a sleeping schedule. You can sleep well at night by avoiding smoking, exposing yourself to daylight, avoiding eating late, and using calming scents in the bedroom.

For example, when you smoke at night, exposure of your body to nicotine leads to sleep disruption. That is why smoking has links to various sleep conditions like sleep apnea. Also, you should get enough sunlight exposure since it is a leading driver of the circadian cycle, an internal process regulating the sleep-wake cycle every 24 hours.

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