Walter Babst, And His Favourite TV Series

Walter Babst, the school teacher whose name popped up on thousands of TV screens nationwide, admitted that he was influenced to take actions on his dormant desire and lust while empathizing with the journey and motion of Walter White, the protagonist and tragic hero of the famous TV series, Breaking Bad. The show starts on the midlife crisis of Walter White, Walter, who is a day away from turning into 50, is a chemistry teacher of high school In spite of being a genius in his respective field, Walter is faced with a terrible fortune. Walter is a founder of a multi billion company but he was forced to sell his shares when his wife got pregnant. Now, Walter’s life is a mess. He is an utter disappointmentin his own eyes. For his extra earning he works in a car wash and sometimes even forced to wash a car of his students. Walter has always been a very timid guy and never did something reckless or threatening to the society, but on the day of his 50th birthday, he looses it. In spite of never smoking a single cigarette, Walter finds out that he has lungs cancer and that he probably has only a few months to live. He refuses treatment and gets very tensed and worried about the future of his family. His son is crippled and his wife is pregnant at that moment so as he becomes desperate, he finds an opportunity to earn quick cash, he finds one of his ex students, who deals in drugs and gets into the vicious circle of the underworld. Walter finds his journey increasingly difficult at the beginning and clutches onto his ethics as much as possible. The Rise and fall: Like Satan from the Bible, Walter has a side and massive ego that do not want to bow down to others and as soon as he gets that taste of money and glory and power, he starts to evolve. Walter earns a name for himself in the market as a meth cook and soon his alias, Heisenberg, becomes almost mythical in the circle. Walter is no longer a timid guy whom some petty guy can bully and in stead rises to the crown of a drag lord. Walter breaks bad not like others do, he has the divine gift going to the extreme and once he starts breaking bad, she simply can’t stop himself, or to say ironically, his corrupt ambition does not let him stop! However, his devotion and caring attitude to his partner in crime and the personwhom he considers his spiritual son, does not let him turn into a simple villain but a tragic hero. Like every pieces of great literature, Walter falls from his position through hubris and hamartia but even at the end, he bestows his gift, the secret of his creation, his baby blue to Jessie. Babst was aspired by the journey of Walter and decided to break bad in stead of letting his ambition slip by, which in turn, turns as his demise.

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