Video poker perfection – Optimal play strategies for jackpot wins

The combination of poker strategy and slot machine excitement has proven to be irresistible for many players. While video poker may seem like a simple game of chance at first glance, it allows for a tremendous amount of skill that dramatically increases your odds and payouts if played optimally. Mastering video poker strategy helps you maximize your winning potential and gives you the best shot at hitting those elusive royal flushes and other jackpot hands. Adopting an optimal strategy based on the specific pay tables and rules of your game makes a huge difference. Understanding which hands to hold, fold, or draw to in any given situation is the key to boosting your payout percentage and minimizing the house edge.

Learn and understand the pay table inside and out. The pay table outlines the winning hand combinations and payout multiples, which vary significantly between different video poker machines and online versions. The pay table is the most important factor in which hands you should aim to create. Analyze which hands offer the highest returns and focus on creating those hands whenever possible. For example, the royal flush typically pays out the most, followed by four of a kind, the full house, flush, straight, and so on.

Use a strategy chart that outlines the statistically optimal plays for each starting hand given the game’s pay table parameters. A strategy chart is a tool designed and refined over decades by computer simulation and math experts to maximize return on investment (ROI). With Jacks or Better, for example, a proper strategy chart tells you when to hold or discard each card to optimize your odds. Following the chart’s guidance, while not always intuitive, will elevate your payouts over time. Always utilize the maximum number of hands and credits when you play. Playing five hands at once at the 5-credit level offers the highest payouts and best RTP percentages. It maximizes your potential on each spin. You stand a better chance of hitting premium hands like flushes, full houses, and even royal flushes when playing five hands at a time compared to just one or two hands.

Practice optimal draw strategy for hands not dealt on the initial deal. If you are holding a hand with the potential to improve to a straight, flush, or otherwise higher hand, calculate the odds of achieving that hand based on the number of outs and unseen cards using basic high roller casinomath. It determines when to hold them and fold them. For example, if you hold three cards to a royal flush, nine unseen cards could complete your hand (4 cards of the suit needed x 2 remaining unknown cards). With two cards to a royal flush, there are four possible outs (4 cards x 1 remaining card needed). Use these odds to guide your decisions to draw for that coveted royal or other big hands.

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