Various Myths Associated with Pearls

You hear several myths and folktales about pearls and few ancient pearl myths are really too far-fetched. However, pearls symbolize just how significant these gems were even to our ancient civilizations.

Following are few ancient myths that you hear about pearls and you can try this site to read few of them.

  1. Ancient Japanese Legend

Japanese believed that during ancient times, tears of certain mythical creatures created these pearls.

  1. Ancient Persian Legend

As per the Persian pearl myth, after a storm these gems were created. When rainbow came from the sky to meet the earth there was thunder and lightning and this is the reason for imperfections of the pearl.

  1. Ancient Chinese Legend

During the period of early Chinese civilization black pearls were considered as a symbol of wisdom. They believed that these gems were formed just inside the dragon’s head.

After they were completely grown, dragon carried these pearls between its teeth. As per the myth, any person could gather pearls only by slaying this dragon to death.

  1. Ancient Egyptian Legend

Earlier, Egyptians used to burry dead bodies with their pearls as they valued it so much. There is a myth from that era about most famous Cleopatra, who was the ruler of Egypt.

She took one gem from her pearl earrings and dissolved it in vinegar and drank it. She did it to show the Roman politician Mark Antony that her entire nation’s wealth she could devour in just one single gulp.

Few pearl myths and religion

Pearl myths are available for all time periods including from the Adam and Eve period too in Paradise. As per the legends, Adam and Eve cried deeply when God threw them out of Garden of Eden. Due to their tears, lake of pearls was created.

Eve’s tears had created white pearls, and Adam’s tears created black pearls. Adam shed less quantity of tears than Eve as men can control their emotions as compared to women. Therefore, black pearls are very rare.

As per Koran, pearls can also be found in the Paradise and it is a symbol of perfection.

For both Christians and Hindus Pearls symbolize purity.

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