Undoubted Facts About Fibromyalgia You Must Know

My head hurts! Is it a migraine or just a normal headache?The body consists of different muscles and joints prone to injuries, fatigue, and painful spells. Sometimes, your body will experience pain without any physical injuries leaving you with what might be the problem. A condition known as Brooklyn fibromyalgia is a common chronic syndrome that triggers body pain and you may confuse it with arthritis which causes similar pain. However, unlike arthritis, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are different. If you are experiencing unending body pain in different body parts, you should reach out to a specialist that has a remedy for you. The specialists will help address the soft tissue pain affecting your daily life. Here are some facts to know about fibromyalgia.

The Condition Goes Undiagnosed

Most patients will complain about experiencing body pain but not in a specific place. Unlike arthritis, where you may experience joint pain, this condition has no specific area to point out. This makes the condition go on for months or years without proper diagnoses. A patient may receive treatment for other conditions since the symptoms resemble or overlap those of other conditions, such as rheumatic disease. Reposts show that most patients go up to five years on average before getting proper diagnoses.

Fibromyalgia Occurs in Different Forms

The condition is categorized based on how it occurs in patients. It is categorized as either primary syndrome, which contains muscular pain, or secondary syndrome. A patient may have fibromyalgia and other rheumatic diseases, which combine to give more severe symptoms. Patients having arthritis and other rheumatic conditions are at higher risk of developing fibromyalgia. With the two conditions affecting a patient, it becomes hard to diagnose since you may think it is one condition, whereas they are overlapping. Experienced doctors need special attention to discover and accurately diagnose a patient.

The Condition Is Characterized by Muscle Pain and Tenderness

Patients with fibromyalgia do not experience inflammation or damage to the joints and tissues. However, you will experience muscle pain and tenderness similar to those caused by joint diseases. Patients will complain of persistent pain above the waist on both sides and below the waist on both sides of the body for prolonged periods. You will also experience pain in different body joints, which may make you confuse it with arthritis or other rheumatic conditions.

Patients Complain of Fatigue and Sleep

Patients with fibromyalgia mostly experience fatigue and sleep disorder. Your body will feel tired even without having done a hard job. You only feel like resting since the muscles and joints are tired. You will also have a sleeping problem where you may stay awake for a long time and deliberate on your muscle pain. Suppose you experience these characteristics of fatigue and sleep disorder. In that case, you may likely have fibromyalgia, which will give the doctors a good starting point for the correct diagnosis.

Body pain is common, especially after a long working day. However, the pain disappears, and you wake up fresh the following day. However, you will likely have fibromyalgia if you experience muscle pain followed by fatigue and sleeping problems. You must seek a good and experienced specialist who can diagnose and treat your problem. Ensure not to conclude based on your symptoms since the condition has similar symptoms to those of other rheumatic diseases.

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