Transform Your Entrance Porch Into Something Special

The entrance porch is the first element that we see of a house. A beautiful layout makes it more welcoming and will invite your guests to step through the door.  In this article, we give you some ideas to enhance the facade of your house!

Create a Custom Awning

The first advantage of such a shelter is to protect the entrance porch of the weather (rain, snow, wind) and sun. As a result, you will be able to return home dry. Your front door will be protected from external aggressions due to climatic conditions. On the other hand, your awning or awning will give character to your entrance. Choose them in quality wood to give a warm atmosphere to your home. Made to measure, awnings adapt to your configuration and the style of your home. Here are the front porch decorating ideas that you will need to be sure of.

Install Plants

To vegetate the space and give a feeling of freshness, arrange several outdoor plants around your front door. You can even choose climbing plants to run on your facade.

Add Lights

Like the awning, the lights will make your life easier and create a warm atmosphere! Install lights with motion detector for more practicality and mix wall lights with lanterns or spotlights on the ground to have several light sources.

Apply an Original Coating

A real decorative touch, the tiling will add value to your entrance. Choose trendy patterns and materials to stand out and assert the style of your home. We recommend cement tiles, a modern retro style. As you can see, the exterior is as important as any other room in your home, so indulge yourself. However, with Foyr Neo you can discover more.

The Flower Pots

Arrange two big wooden, wicker, or metal pots on either side of the doorway to create an eye-catching impact. It is lavishly and simply stuffed with green winter branches of several types or a single fir tree. Combine several leaf textures for a sophisticated and unique look: fir, boxwood, pine, cedar, magnolia, eucalyptus, and sage. The many tones of green add to the composition’s beauty! Finish with a splash of color from Ilex branches with tiny red or green berries but no leaves. The branches in the container should reach a height of around 40″. We approach the pots toward the entrance to create a relatively compact frame that adds to the overall welcome feel.

The door’s crown

Greet your guests with a lovely wreath strung over your front entrance. Choose a natural linen or silk burlap ribbon to add individuality to your wreath’s hanging. Choose a battery-operated string light to illuminate the crown while concealing the cables that run along the entryway.

By using natural elements such as pine, fir, hemlock, cedar, casseroles, and branches, you may enjoy your assembly throughout the winter without wearing a blazer.

Decorations with Light

Lights are necessary not only at Christmas, but also throughout the winter (and even all year in the garden!). They impart a mystical quality to the elements they illuminate and enable us to extend our trips. We chose white for its elegant and timeless appearance. Professional landscape lighting also makes a world of difference in the evening when it comes to the garden. When combined with Christmas and fairy lights, the result is breathtaking.

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