Towing A Car: Who Can Tow A Vehicle?

In principle, anyone can tow a car with a driver’s license of the corresponding driver’s license class.

How Can You Tow Properly?

If you want to tow a car, you must have a tow bar or a suitable tow rope. Detailed instructions on how to properly tow a vehicle can be found here.

How Far Can You Tow?

You should tow the vehicle to a nearby workshop. On the motorway, you are only allowed to tow the vehicle to the next exit. There is a particular case if you tow the car on a trailer. Then you can also use the motorway for a longer period.

What Does The Towing Cost?

The cost of towing cannot be determined in advance. If you do this with a friend or acquaintance, it is usually a free favor. Towing services can set the towing costs individually. It may therefore be worthwhile to compare several offers. If you are towed away because you have violated the rules for stopping and parking, you also face sanctions by the catalog of fines.

When the car suddenly no longer wants to drive

If a vehicle is badly damaged, you will usually have to hire a tow company.

A motor vehicle is usually a reliable means of transport that many people use every day to get from A to B. Regular visits to the workshop are intended to ensure that all car functions are running correctly. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that the car suddenly stops moving. This can have different reasons and is in any case very annoying for the driver. Then only one thing helps: He has to have the car towed away.

But how expensive is it to hire a towing company to do this? What tools do you need to have the vehicle towed by a friend or acquaintance? The following guide gets to the bottom of these questions and provides you with comprehensive information. Click here (คลิกที่นี่ which is the term in Thai)

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