Top 6 Surprising Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry That You Should Know

A perfect and gorgeous smile is the leading source of confidence. You will indeed have a very challenging day when you step out with a stained or misaligned smile. Although we all aspire to live with a straight, beautiful smile, numerous dental imperfections can cause you to lose the aesthetic taste of your smile. However, this shouldn’t worry you since cosmetic dentistry Marion procedures can restore your smile within a few sessions. Cosmetic procedures aim to make each smile unique, which is why your dentist tailors an individualized plan for you. Let’s run the top six facts about cosmetic dentistry that you should know.

1.     Cosmetic dentistry is customized

The typical reason you choose any cosmetic procedure is to regain the natural look of your smile. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry keeps your teeth’ unique shape, size, and color with any further alteration. Regardless of the procedure, you’re to receive, your cosmetic dentist creates a customized treatment plan that fits your needs. For instance, if you’re to receive a dental crown, your dentist will design it to resemble the look of your natural teeth.

2.     Teeth whitening is one of the highly sought cosmetic procedure

Generally, your teeth become stained because of your diet or drinks. The best way to address stained teeth is through teeth whitening. Because teeth whitening is non-invasive and economical, it is an appealing option for many who want to eradicate years-old stubborn discoloration and stains.

3.     Cosmetic dentistry alleviates your oral health

Clean teeth, optimal jaw alignment, and healthy gums signify that you enjoy good oral health. However, cracked, chipped, and weak teeth can adversely impact oral health and functionality. Cosmetic procedures like dental bridges, veneers, and fillings can help rectify your tooth misalignment preventing jaw discomfort and uneven wearing of teeth.

4.     Cosmetic and restorative dentistry go in handy

Although cosmetic procedures can effectively work without the need for support from restorative procedures, the two are often combined. This is typical because the dentist wants to bring the best out of your treatment. Many cosmetic procedures work to repair and protect damaged, decayed, broken teeth while restoring their radiance and the fundamental symmetry of your smile. An expert cosmetic and restorative dentist can help you achieve a perfect and natural smile that can serve your needs for years.

5.     It helps address tooth sensitivity

Besides improving your teeth’ health and functioning, specific cosmetic procedures decrease your tooth sensitivity. If you have a history of teeth sensitivity, your cosmetic dentist will effectively deal with your situation using porcelain veneers. This procedure covers stained teeth, cracks, and chips, among others. The thin porcelain strips that will be placed on your teeth will transform their appearance and will also reduce their sensitivity too.

6.     You aren’t alone

Everyone knows the strength and weaknesses of their smile. Over one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smiles and seek cosmetic dentistry to boost the look of their smiles.

Your smile is the leading symbol many people notice when you come in contact with it. Therefore, it should be given the optimal care it deserves. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you may be right in considering cosmetic dentistry since it will restore and preserve your smile in the long run.

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