Top 5 Incredible Facts About Dental Implants

Smiling is often a tool that the world uses to describe your appearance. When it’s affected, the world might negatively perceive you, which might affect your self-confidence. Missing teeth, especially at the front, affect your smile and how you eat and talk. However, Monroe dental implants are the solution you’ve been seeking, as they can restore your lost smile for the better.

Although some people are nervous about this procedure, technological and medical advancements ensure that your process is safe and painless. Additionally, knowing the truth about dental implants can enable you to face your dentist with the courage of what it entails. Let’s run through the top five interesting facts about dental implants.

1.     They feel and look like your natural teeth

Implants are manufactured of a titanium metal that acts as the tooth root and holds the dental crown firmly. During the procedure, your provider inserts the implant’s post into your jawbone in a process identified as osseointegration. Implants are to replace the root of your teeth, and the top crown comfortably sits on your gums, resembling your natural teeth. Implants are customized to look and function like your original teeth.

2.     Implants are cavity proof

Since implants are made of high-strength metals, they resist corrosion and other forces that can cause damage. Unlike your typical teeth, implants can’t be affected by bacteria evident in your mouth, meaning they cannot contract cavities. With implants, the possibility of having extractions and fillings is drastically lowered. However, proper oral hygiene is paramount as you still have to care for your remaining natural teeth.

3.     Dental implant surgery is comfortable and safe

You might be tempted to think that since the procedure entails implanting the prosthesis into your jaw, the process may be painful or complicated. However, dental implants are a standard procedure for thousands of patients with a high success rate. The entire procedure is full of comfort as your provider administers anesthesia to numb the affected area. Furthermore, there are few after-surgical effects as the process is majorly done technologically.

4.     Caring for your implants requires less effort

While implants cannot decay or get cavities like your natural teeth, you should care for them appropriately. However, keeping your implants hygienic is simple as it calls for similar modes of brushing and flossing as that of your God-given teeth. It’s also key to note that you should allow your implants some time to heal before you resume your routine brushing as directed by your dentist.  

5.     They offer more than cosmetic benefits

Although many people seek implants for cosmetic reasons, they have numerous other benefits for your health. When you have missing teeth, your jawbone is no longer stimulated as the tooth root to serve that purpose is no longer there. Similarly, with an open gap after tooth loss, bacteria can directly enter your gums which can cause gingivitis or cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, since implants help serve the purpose of your lost tooth, you are guaranteed better oral and overall health in the long run.

Regardless of the many factors that pose a danger to your smile, you have a fundamental reason to smile afresh. Implants will improve your self-confidence and safeguard you against future oral imperfections.

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