The Power of Saying Hola!

Many companies are discovering that profits increase when they give their customers an option to speak Spanish when seeking information or customer service help. Having Spanish-speaking operators dramatically improves the experience of those who do not speak English and prefer to communicate in Spanish. It is easy to accommodate the needs of these Spanish-speaking customers if companies use Spanish call center services.

Increased Customer Loyalty

These Spanish-speaking customers are so appreciative of being able to talk to someone who understands them. They become very loyal to the company. This means that they become some of a company’s best customers.

Capturing a Share of the Huge Hispanic/Latino Market

Companies in the U. S. that ignore customers from the Hispanic/Latino market, do so at their peril. The U. S. Census Bureau reports that Hispanics and Latino Americans are the second-largest ethnic group in America. They are about 52 million people and that number is growing.

It is the Spanish Language that Counts

This cultural group is a diverse tapestry of people who have a heritage from Spanish-speaking countries and territories that include Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and most of Central and South America. Hispanics and Latinos are 16.7% of the American population now. Of the total 52 million, 47 million are U. S. citizens.

What comes as a surprise to some who are not well-informed, is that Hispanics are defined by their native language and not by a particular race. Hispanics can be African American, American Indian, white, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Filipino, Native Alaskan, Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander. Even when they speak English as a second language, many enjoy speaking their native language of Spanish too.

How do Spanish Call Center Services Work?

There is no need to go out and hire Spanish speakers as new company employees. That is too expensive. Companies save money by outsourcing the calls of customers to a call center with staff that comprehends Spanish. The call center has plenty of Spanish speakers to answer the needs of anyone making an inquiry to the company who speaks Spanish.

For inbound calls, an incoming caller is offered the option, by a pre-recorded message in Spanish, to speak to someone who understands Spanish. For outbound calls, the Spanish-speaking call center staff follows the call script that is written in Spanish. They are completely conversant in the Spanish language. They can answer any question or overcome any obstacle that may come up during the calls.

Cultural Diversity is Good for Business

Companies know that cultural diversity makes them look good to their customers. The demographic group of millennials, who are young adults now, are especially keen on supporting companies that uplift cultural diversity in their hiring, business practices, and media campaigns. If your company does not already make use of Spanish call-center service, now is an excellent time to start.


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