The ins and outs of stripping in Melbourne

When it comes to adult entertainment, Melbourne has everything that anybody might enjoy. There is a great variety of strip clubs with semi-nude or even nude performers. Melbourne strip clubs don’t employ just anyone who comes off the street. The variety in what clubs have to offer means that there are opportunities for a lot of girls who want to make it into the adult entertainment world.

Melbourne strip clubs are also very competitive. The best way for them to compete is to have as many exceptionally beautiful and sexy dancers working in their establishments. This means the girls go through a seriously rigorous vetting process before they are hired to perform. And when they do, they have to put in more work and perfect their dancing skills.

Just to illustrate the quality and level of competition, Australia’s largest showgirl contest, Miss Nude Australia has always had strippers from Melbourne featuring in their top 10. Sometimes, Melbourne strippers dominate. For instance in 2016, all the top three Miss Nude Australia positions were taken by girls from Melbourne. Consequently, they were all from the same club which would have brought my pride and prestige to the same club.  

Gentlemen Clubs in Victoria operating system

Most Melbourne strip clubs operate on the lap dancing system. It’s a straightforward system: Strippers make their money mainly from private room shows and to some degree, stage tips. Melbourne strippers are required to pay a house fee or give a specific percentage of the money made to the club. Strippers only make money from dancing, they do not get commission from anything else that happens in the club like the drinking or the eating. This means that try spend a lot if their time working out to keep in shape and practicing their dance routine. Every girl wants to be the best, headline act wherever she works, that’s how she makes more money because people will pay more for the best act in the house. It’s not an easy feat. Some girls make it and others don’t but what it’s important is knowing that everyone has an equal shot, the one who come up on top in the end has worked damned hard to get there.

Strip clubs and the law

Prostitution in Victoria State is legalised. However, strip clubs have done all they could to distance themselves from prostitution. They are so particular about it to a point where “no touching” is almost an unspoken rule. There are places where touching is allowed but you still won’t be getting any sex from any of the ladies.

Strippers in Melbourne are usually local performers. Unlike, certain countries, there is little stigma in being a stripper in Australia. It is not uncommon to find young girls from other countries working in local clubs to supplement their holiday money. There are a lot if young girls who stop off in Melbourne for a quick stay at one of the many backpackers’ hostels only to end up staying longer when what should have been a short stint as a dancer turns into the best way of making money ever.

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