The Best Massage of the Lot for You

You would like to touch your husband lovingly or wish you gentle massages from him? Often we do not get massages because our partner does not know how to touch us. Many couples are like this, the fear of doing something wrong with a massage inhibits the desire.

This is extremely sad, because mutual massages are a real magic tool for relaxation and can be the start for more without stress. Who misses the sex in his relationship, can find the way back to passion with loving touch without pressure. With sensual massage Brisbane you can make the best come.

How a massage is especially beautiful, we explain together with the massage experts:

  1. There is no right or wrong about how much pressure should be exerted or how long it should be kneaded. In case of uncertainties it is best to ask the partner according to his preferences. Allowed is what makes both funs! And if your friend really pushes too hard, does not scream loudly, that just scares him. Give it to him in a soft voice and tell him in concrete terms, how he can do it better “You beware, that’s a bit tight, there it is not so pleasant, a bit gentler up here would be nice.” Many men are really thankful for clear words, because even with them the uncertainty is often great.

Music can assist in massaging

Quiet piano music is well-suited for a harmonious flow due to its harmonious flow. Or just play the favorite romantic playlist to get going. But please do not pack in too much bass; otherwise the massage grip will quickly become too tight.

  1. Massage oils or lubricants with additional massage function are great for letting the hands glide easily over the skin. Many smell very pleasant or have a wonderful warming effect: either moisten the palms to bring the remedy to body temperature, or let the gel slide on the body part that is being massaged first. Also massage candles are a beautiful variant, they provide for sensual light and a touch of wickedness. Do not worry; the wax of these candles will not be so hot that it could hurt. Attention: It is best to light the candles 20 to 30 minutes before the desired use; the things take a while to get liquid.
  2. It is particularly exciting to let your hands wander on very different parts, flowing and circling you can, for example, pamper thighs and backs at the same time. Not only the hands can be used actively, also the elbows, forearms, or even the entire own body delight the partner.

A massage not only means kneading but also loosening and stretching

The pulling on arms and legs – without much force – can be pleasant. But please be careful, you should not stretch each other out.

  1. Never put pressure on the spine or other bones, but always work within the soft regions.
  2. In between, lightly shake the arms and legs of the massaged or lightly tap off the newly massaged region with the edge of the hand. This promotes blood circulation and stimulates all senses.
  3. The body is not only made up of back and feet but also of the chest, stomach and torso. These body parts are easily forgotten during a massage, although it is just as relaxing to be massaged there! It can be super nice to start with the back and then continue with the chest. Men and women love gentle petting in the chest, especially women often miss the loving touch of their breasts when it comes to particularly passionate sex.

The head is also part of a full body massage

After a hard day there is nothing better than a head massage. Again, you may work with massage oils. If the partner does not like it, simply stroke the hair gently and massage the scalp with light fingertips with light pressure.

And now?

A massage from or for the partner often makes you want more. Give in to your feelings; let your hands wander to your intimate places. When a massage becomes beautiful sex, it will make you both relaxed and happy.

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