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No matter how good your football betting strategy is with the Best Bookmakers, if you want to gamble successfully then there is one skill that most people often forget. Always stay calm and never bet with your emotions. We cannot mention this point enough because it is perhaps the most important skill that makes the difference between the smart gamblers and those who lose. Sometimes you have the best toto strategy with great football 먹튀사이트 gambling tips that happen to bet against your favorite club. Are you a cold-blooded frog who can bet against his own team? It is often difficult to estimate how rational your football bet tips are, so from time to time it is smart to consult with other bettors to estimate what they think.

Football betting tips example

How do you know if you are following smart football betting tips? First you look at the odds of the bet. The higher the better most people think, which is both true and wrong. It is not really about the high odds, but more about the chance that the result you are actually betting on will actually happen. Suppose you bet € 100 on team 1, on odds of 5.00. With successful football strategy and winnings you will be paid € 500 with a profit of € 400. With football betting predictions, anything can happen. Each team can win against any other team on a good or bad day. If you bet on odds of 5.00 you have to win 1 in 5 to have a profit in the long term.

To make these football betting tips good, you have to win more than 20% of the time, with 20% as the break even point in your football betting tactic. Imagine if your team wins 25% of the time, then you have a theoretical gain of:

  • Losing football bet = – (100 loss) x 75% = – € 75
  • Winning football bet = (400 win) x 25% = € 100
  • So you have the profit of = Loss – € 75 + profit € 100 = € 25 profit

So be smart with your football bet tips, and think about how often the result you bet on actually happens. If you would like to bet on football, you can also come to Svenbet with excellent odds.

Other Football betting Themes briefly explained

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