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Image result for Smartest Solutions with the Childcare Centers It is important that when choosing a good daycare center , it is not just about ‘watching over’ the children, but also providing them with a welcoming, safe environment where trained professionals have an appropriate and appropriate knowledge base to make the passage of your child through daycare, something entertaining and educational. From the early childcare centres in Botany you can have all the supports now. How to choose a good childcare center The school must offer confidence to families and children. If parents are satisfied with the choice, it will be easier for their children to accept and adapt well to the change. It is advisable that the day care center be located near the family home. The little friends your child makes in the nursery will be friends in the neighborhood. Parents should visit various child care centers and find out about the functioning and organization of each. This requires a little time. Observe the relationship of the staff, how they talk and behave. Ask any questions you think are necessary and no doubt, if possible. The daycare centres botany/flatbush comes with the best deals now.
  • All centers, both public and private, must fit in with the bodies responsible for running day care centers.
By the end of 2008, the federal government in Brazil promised to invest R $ 341.7 million in the construction of 484 kindergartens and kindergartens in 484 municipalities in the five regions of the country. The new schools are part of the National Program for Restructuring and Apparatus of the Public School Network for Early Childhood Education, an action of the Education Development Plan (PDE), which seeks to include children from zero to five years and 11 months in the public network. education. The Florianopolis meeting will bring together representatives from 37 municipalities in the southern region. In the state, representatives of 94 municipalities from other regions of Brazil will meet to receive guidance and clarify doubts. Now with the flat bush/ botany childcare kindergartens the results will be the best. The Expert Opinions One preschool general coordinator, explains that the meetings were important to advise the municipal representatives that the construction of the work needs to be linked to a consistent pedagogical proposal in order to ensure quality children’s education. ‘The municipality cannot worry about the pedagogical proposal after the work is ready’, he warns.
  • It is necessary to think about what will be the routine of children, what will be the criteria of enrollment and how to strengthen the relationship with families, exemplifies the coordinator. Another guidance to municipal representatives concerns the authorization of the operation of early childhood institutions. Kindergartens must be authorized by the city or state education council. ‘In addition, the third requirement is that the institution work with teachers qualified in teaching,’ adds the expert.
According to the coordinator, the intention is to continue the meetings to advise the municipalities regarding the pedagogical functioning of the institutions and guide them regarding the care of children.

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