Six Ways to Keep Pests in Boise Out of Your Home

Pests are a major issue for homeowners. No matter how you try to prevent them from coming back, they can sneak into your home without being noticed. And you may discover their presence only when the infestation is worse. Effective pest control Boise involves knowing how these creepy crawly work and what makes your home attractive to them. Here are steps you can take to keep those unwanted guests out:

Seal All Possible Entry Points

Floor and wall holes are ideal entry points for pests. To prevent pests from entering your home, inspect the walls, ceilings, and floors for small cracks where pests can squeeze their way through. Seal any holes with caulk and check again after a few months to be sure pests are not back. 

Practice Proper Leftover Food Disposal

The food you consume attracts pests like mice, roaches, and fruit flies. Pests will find ways to enter your home for food and water. To ensure you don’t attract them into your house, keep it clean at all times. Take your garbage out regularly and store your dry goods in a trash can that has a tight-fitting lid. 

Keep Pet Bowls Clean

If you have pests at home, clean up their bowls after their meals. Pests like mice can feed on the leftover crumbs in your pet’s bowls or drink water from them. So, clean these bowls every few days to prevent pests from coming into contact with them.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

To keep pests from invading your home again, keep it free of clutter. Pests like roaches and mice can infiltrate your house if they can find areas where they can hide and stay warm. And you will attract more rodents and bugs if your home has clutter. To avoid this situation, store things such as shoes and clothes in sealed containers and get rid of any mess immediately. 

Buy Animal Repellents

Animal repellents that are safe for children and pets are available. They come in various forms like granules, sprays, and mats that can be placed under furniture legs. Also, you can opt for natural remedies such as flowers and plants that can deter pests. 

Maintain the Yard

Mow the grass in the yard and clear debris to ensure the place does not attract pests. Pick up leaves, loose wood, and rocks lying around. If your yard is properly maintained, pests like bugs and mice cannot have a spot to hide in.  

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