Situations when you definitely need a car accident lawyer

An ill-fated car crash can leave you grappling with damages and financial losses. You may want to believe that the insurance company will be empathetic and offer a fair amount in compensation, but that doesn’t happen in the actual world. In order to level the playing field, you have to hire a personal injury attorney. Most law firms have a website these days, and therefore, finding a lawyer doesn’t have to be hard. In this post, let’s discuss some of the circumstances when you definitely need to hire a lawyer. 

Your injuries are serious

In no-fault states like New Jersey, you can only sue the other side in certain situations. If you have suffered life-changing injuries, like loss of a fetus, permanent injuries, or disfigurement, you can possibly step outside the no-fault system. Expectedly, your settlement for the case would be considerably higher, and we recommend that you talk to an attorney immediately. 

You have a share in the fault

If you live in a “modified” comparative fault state, you can only sue the other party when you are less than 50% at fault. Depending on your fault share, you will get only a share of the settlement awarded to you. The other party will try to prove that you are responsible for the crash, and your attorney can represent your interests better. 

You are under pressure 

Insurance companies do their best to ensure that they don’t have to pay more for a claim, and in a bid to achieve that, they may ask you to settle at the earliest. The claims adjuster may want you to sign documents or give a recorded statement, and if you do that without an attorney, you may miss out on the compensation that you should get. Get an attorney if you don’t want to deal with the case alone. 

Your claim has been denied

The insurance company will do what it takes to deny a claim. Their defense may include that you filed an incorrect claim or there was a delay in treatment, which aggravated the injury. The lack of medical records or saying that the injuries are not covered under the policy are common tactics. If your claim has been denied, go ahead and hire a PI lawyer. 

No matter how experienced you are as a driver, nothing can prepare you for the consequences of a car accident. Don’t let the insurance company fool you – Get an attorney today to know more.

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