Should I Get A Black Radiator?

For some time, people have believed that darker colours retain their heat better that their white counterparts. If black absorbs heat and white reflects it, does that mean that black radiators will heat your house better? Not necessarily.

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How radiators work

Radiators in our homes give out two types of heat. As the name suggests, they radiate heat, which heats directly and they also give out convective heat, which heats the air that then circulates through the room.

Most radiators will only give off a small amount of radiant heat, so while a darker surface may or may not feel warmer to the touch than a lighter one, most domestic radiators do most of their heating through convection and colour plays no part in that. The difference in efficiency in the same model of radiator in different colours is negligible in practical terms and most households would not be able to see any difference.

What makes a difference

The factors that will impact the heating efficiency of the radiator you choose include the size of the unit, compared to the size of the room it needs to heat, its power output, and the design. If the radiator is not large enough to heat the size of the room, you will find yourself wasting a lot of power. One square metre of space requires roughly 100w of power.

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Making sure that your boiler is regularly serviced and working at its optimum efficiency is another great way to ensure your home stays warm without spending unnecessary money on your heating bills. When the time comes to get a new boiler in Cheltenham or the surrounding areas, consult a registered plumber who specialises in boilers and shop around to get the best deal; a boiler is a significant investment and you should expect it to last some years.

For more information about plumbing regulations and how they might affect you, see the article from Wessex Water Once you have that information, you will be ready to get a new boiler in Cheltenham or elsewhere in the Cotswolds.

Even though it does not provide any additional heat, some people just prefer a black radiator. It comes down to personal style and taste and you should choose the colour of your radiator to fit the décor of your room.`

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