Semi Truck Accident case: What to expect, Settlements, And Everything You Need To Know

There’s a difference between resolving a road accident that only involves passenger cars and one that involves a collision with a commercial truck. When you’re entangled in the latter, you will be needing help from a legal expert that specializes in the area — a semi truck lawyer.

This article is dedicated to tackling matters about the rather complicated semi-truck accident case.

The Parties Involved

What makes truck accidents more complicated is the relatively larger number of parties involved, which generally include the truck driver, the trucking company, as well as the driver’s employer. If the situation is aggravated by a dangerous substance being transported by the truck, the manufacturer of the vehicle — and of the material being shipped — may also be involved.

These parties are the potential defendants that will need legal assistance from a semi truck lawyer. As claims are related to insurance policies, the different insurance providers of the parties will also be part of the picture.

Factors To Be Considered

The weight or severity of the case is affected by different factors, including:

The extent of the injuries. If the injury obtained by the victim is not too serious, it will be easier to close the case and settle — compared to when the accident caused serious injuries or worse, death.

The impact on the victim’s life. If, thankfully, the victim survives, the defendant will have to suffer the consequences should the victim’s life become heavily affected (e.g. He or she may not be able to work for the time being).

The behavior of the driver while the accident happened. The case also becomes weightier once it is proven that there is gross negligence on the part of the truck driver.

As there are several parties involved, claimants should also expect their case to take a while before getting settled.

The duration of a semi-truck accident case can also be affected by liability findings. For instance, if the victim is proven to be partly at fault, the negotiation time may take longer. In the same manner, if the injuries are too serious, it may also take a considerable amount of time before medical findings can be gathered and thoroughly reviewed.

Summary of medical treatment

Liability findings

Insurance available

Computing The Settlement

Pursuing a semi-truck accident claim is not a stroll in the park. As in any other cases that involve demanding compensation, it’s a must to hire a legal expert — in this particular case, a semi truck lawyer. He or she will help claimants get a fair amount for the settlement, which is affected by several factors:

Medical bills. One of the immediate expenses truck accident victims incur are their medical bills — which is one of the biggest factors determining the settlement amount that can be demanded.

Vehicle damage. The more damaged the vehicle of the victim is, the higher the compensation he or she can ask.

Loss of wages. As the victim recovers, he or she won’t be able to report to work. The compensation can also cover the wages the victim could have earned.

Pain and suffering. Apart from the physical damages, victims more importantly suffer from emotional pain. This suffering will also be taken into account while computing the settlement fee.

If you need a semi truck lawyer to discuss your truck accident case, contact us today at Montross Miller. We will study details and make sure you receive the justice you deserve.

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